Chapter 10: The Dragon

The Dragon had managed to transform into a human. He had become what men would call tall and stocky. His hair was black with slight red markings where his horns would have been. It was an odd feeling, hair only on his head, but one he found he didn't hate. Clothing had been the worst part. He was forced to steal some that he found.

He had wandered into town expecting to have to be ignored and find the men clinging to life by beating down their lessers, striving for power like they always did. It was their oldest philosophy: suppress all those that can challenge you. A petty belief that had caused more violence than the Dragon could probably even fathom. 

Instead, he had been welcomed. Seen as a survivor - a refugee they called it - and given better clothing and food. It had come to him as such a shock that he had forgotten about his plans to leave each day, to limit his time as a human as much as he possibly could. After all, who would want to be with these pathetic creatures. 

But, without realizing it, the Dragon had become Gabriel the man, an apprentice at a smithy, and resident of this place, named Silva. His language skills grew with each day and soon he was conversing on a regular basis, albeit briefly, with these people. He made himself seem as friendly as he dared, but inside he was furious with how well he had been treated. 

He was also furious he had not found out who had attacked his family. 

The Dragon - Gabriel - slammed his hammer into the red hot metal, shaping out a curved length of metal. This would be used to protect a horse's foot from the rougher terrain, but he did not care about that. No, he had been fascinated by what you could accomplish with fire alone. Something he could breathe, even in this... form, could be used as a tool for making lives easier. It was the only reason he had accepted this duty. 

"Good work, Gabe," a voice belonging to his 'master,' Godo. He was an older man, yet owned a large body, by human standards. "You're a natural."

The Dragon nodded as he put the last horseshoe in the barrel of liquid, steam bursting from it in reaction. "Godo," the Dragon said in the man tongue, "Are there any dragons in these parts?"

The man gave him an odd look, which annoyed the Dragon. "Not that I can say," he said, finally. "Rumor has it there were some, but I think it was just hearsay."

Standing, the Dragon gave the man a nod and undid his leather apron and gloves. He had finished his 'work' for the day. He could wander around once more, listening for any information. As well as anything on the Unicorn. He had tried to find her before he had achieved this man form, but he had not succeeded. He was getting the feeling the men were responsible for that as well. There were good men, he had to admit, but that did not excuse the ones he knew to be waiting to kill him should they discover his true form. 

Wandering around the town, the Dragon was greeted by those who were familiar with him. He responded in a nod, limiting his time dealing with them. The worst part is that they found this endearing somehow. Odd creatures, men.

Today was different. The Dragon wasn't sure how, but he had the feeling that something was going to happen today. As he walked the dirt paths men called streets, he tried not to sneer at the ones carrying the daggers and flying daggers - called arrows. 

Why did he have this feeling. He looked towards the forest, happy to see no more fires had come from the embers. Hopefully the forest would regrow before too long. Would his parents have handled that differently? Had he done enough? No, he couldn't doubt himself. The fire was out, that was enough. 

As he walked, the Dragon passed a large group of men, a wheeled invention in their center with two females inside, one smaller than the other. Another show of superiority by men, probably. Nothing to do with-

The Dragon paused, staring into the opening in the side of the contraption. There, sitting in the lap of the smaller female, was a fox of familiar design. No, not just familiar... It was the Unicorn. 

He noted the large amount of men with their metal shells and daggers surrounding the Unicorn and held off the rescue. It would not end well if he tried. Instead, he decided to follow the wagon, watching for an opening.

The End

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