Chapter 6: The Dragon

Birds were easy as well. 

The Dragon flew among the trees, darting to and fro as a sparrow. He had never been able to make such tight turns with his original form due to his mass. Why had his parents avoided transformation into these creatures when it was so much fun?

He ducked under a branch and flew upward, wings flapping to take him higher. The climb was so much easier with such a light body. Soon, he was rising above the trees and gliding around in the open air. Near him, the Unicorn flew upward to catch up, though she had not been trying to stay with him in the first place. Like his eyes and the bundle of feathers poking upward like two horns, the Unicorn had kept some of her original appearance. Violet eyes met his golden ones. 

"You learn fast, Great Dragon." The voice of the Unicorn gave off pure praise. The Dragon knew it was an honest compliment, though he never doubted from this noble creature.

"I believe it is cause I am already used to flying and crawling on my legs," the Dragon said, thinking on all he would be able to do from now on. For some reason, he didn't even care about revenge for the time being. That would come later. "Perhaps I should try something I am not used to?"

"A good idea," the Unicorn agreed. "Let's return to the ground, then."

The Dragon followed as she led him down through the trees. He couldn't help but dart between the limbs of the trees, though. It was fun. More fun that he had had in quite some time. A small feeling of guilt passed over him, though. He was not supposed to learn for another few summers. 

'And who, perhaps, would teach you?' he thought to himself.

Well, it was simply tradition to wait that long, not a rule. 

They landed on the ground near the crystal clear pond. Landing was something the Dragon had been nervous about, seeing as it was completely different for such a small form, but he managed fairly well, using his wings to balance on the soft ground. 

"Shall we try a hare?"

The Dragon gave the Unicorn a nod. "That seems like an appropriate challenge." He did not mention he had no idea how to feel like a creature he had only seen hopping about.

The Unicorn assumed the form of a Hare, he body turning the feathers to fur and wings to small front paws. Her fur was nearly white and her eyes still violet, of course. There was also a small tuft of a darker shade on her forehead. "You're turn, Great Dragon."

This would be a challenge indeed. With the Fox he could relate to crawling on the ground on four limbs, and with the bird he could feel the wings. Though, when turning into the bird, it was a bit difficult to leave out his forelegs. Bizarre to do so, even. How would he relate to having such large rear legs in comparison to his front? 

The Dragon took a breath through his beak - an odd feeling, to be sure - and felt the form he was going to assume. He felt his legs grow larger and his wings - now paws - grow to a smaller size. His ears were long now, too. It was an odd change, but he was aware of how to do it now. The Dragon, though young, often caught on fairly quickly. Even when he had learned how to breathe fire.

"Wonderful!" The Unicorn hopped over to his place. She was eye level now. 

He sniffed the air. It was an odd feeling, letting his head move slightly with each intake of air, but one he was getting used to as he continued. Tentatively, the Dragon took his first step. His rear legs made it awkward, so he decided to try hopping. It was similar to when he launched off the mountain to begin a flight, but short lived. And easy.

He continued until he was able to look at himself in the pond. As he suspected, his eyes were still the golden slits they usually were and he had tufts of fur that stuck out of the top of his head, both reddish brown. The rest of his body looked like the Unicorn had, except his fur was a light brown. 

"You seem to be enjoying yourself, Great Dragon."

Change. The Dragon assumed the form of the fox once more. He didn't mind being a hare, but the hopping was something he knew would annoy him after some time. Plus, his fox form had been the most entertaining so far. 

"It has been a long time since anyone has taught me something so fascinating," the Dragon replied, remembering his first flight as a fledgling. His father had been overjoyed when he managed to figure it out. "You have my thanks, Unicorn."

The Unicorn was standing in her own fox form. "Of course. Now, we need to decide what it is we should do next. You can continue to practice on your own now that you know this much."

The Dragon nodded. "Yes." 

The End

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