".of Curtains & Windows"

head in my hands, water trickling down my  wrists...
the stinging heat that is emitted from your skin.
pain throbbing from the temples, 
eyes creating two images of a single object, 
i tighten my hold on the ribbon that i held,
the sleek red colour contrasted against your neck.
the dim room that once was a place of romance...
of dreams, slowly turned into an agonizing memory 
of what could have been.
it ended there. my grip ended everything,
my precious ribbon against your neck slowly came off,
creating only but a scratch.
i looked at you once again,
your pleading eyes that screamed to me;
"don't do it"...
"too late"
i manage to say against your ear.
walking away, walking away...
from only a shadow.
seeing my own reflected image from a tall mirror
in that single room of curtains and windows.

my innocence died in that room.

The End

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