The Lord of Southbend Reach

Lord Magash was sitting on his oaken seat, looking at the red tapestry adorned with the symbol of the crying skull that hung on the wall next to the small window of the tower. His face resting in the palm of his hand. Bored and annoyed he was playing with the intestines of a mouse that had made the mistake of passing the lord's line of sight. As the guts of the mouse were entangled around his finger a servant-slave came bashing through the great door into the dark room of the lord.

"Milord! I've good news."

Lord Magash jumped up and eyed the servant, the mouse still hanging from his finger. There was a fire in his eyes that made the servant realise he'd better confess the story quickly.

"We've clues to what you have been seeking milord. We made contact with your subjects beyond the Tall Mounts. They pray for your quick response."

The servant knelt before Magash, looking down to the ground and holding a scroll adorned with a red seal above his head. Magash took the scroll with a snare and unsealed it. He read it intently and a smile appeared on his scarred bearded face. He took the tarnished longsword next to the oaken seat and stored the scroll inside his long black robe.

Taking the servant's arm he dragged him over the ground and made his way through the giant halls of the castle to the stable down below where the horses were kept. The stablemaster approached confused, "Milord, may I ask where you are going? Surely you have heard the wolf's howl and the forest dweller's chants at night. T'is not safe to leave."

Magash eyed the fat jolly looking stablemaster. "Do not worry Edric, I am your lord, and I would not be so if didn't know how to stab a person." He took a fine black steed and took nothing more than a rusty longsword and a screaming servant thrown over the back of the large horse. "Hasten beast, your lord commands it"

"Milord!" Edric shouted at the now already faint robed figure in the distance.

The drawbridge was lowered and Magash rode onto the grassy fields beyond, taking a last glance at the tower.

The End

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