Day 322, second Wintersun of 17.

Yesterday night there was a loud banging on the door; a distinct voice I had heard before and I can only associate with the loss of our company, shouted outside, obviously he is in search of the item in my possession. I have no doubt he’ll be storming in here any time now, for I think he is passing through the halls looking through every room and leaving the locked ones as they are for the time being. I am checking the parchment to see where I left off last time, as I mean to give anyone who reads this an as detailed description of our trek as possible: …

I myself had made Meja search for some ingredients. Just because I am in search of something else than treasure or knowledge doesn’t mean I can’t be studying the art of alchemy whenever I have the time. Ruhon and his men set up our tent and we made our way inside, he too followed. I was surprised the man had the guts to enter without asking, was he not under the direct command of the King I would have sinched him on the spot. I asked him; ‘I pray you have a reason for following me in captain?’ He looked to the ground like a puppy who knew he had done something wrong. ‘I wanted to apologize sir’ he replied. I nodded at him and flipped the opening of our tent, gesturing, stern faced that he should leave.

I sat down and Meja started preparing a meal with some herbs we collected earlier. The tent filled with the scent of fresh meat and sweet fruits.

"Meja dear, how are your alchemy studies progressing?" I asked her. She smiled and showed me a purple bottle filled with something bubbly. I took it and screwed off the lid. The smell was strong, as any potion my Meja creates. From a little pouch I took a small piece of leather and folded it twice. I spilled some of the potion onto the piece of leather. What happened then amazed me. The small part fur on the patch stood up at the touch of the bottle's content. My apprentice had learned how to make an elixir of revival.

I looked at Meja and smiled. She laughed loudly as she has hardly ever seen me smile before.

As we were caught up in the moment of cheer the captain barged in, his armor stained red and sweat was on his forehead. "What is it! Speak!?" I shouted. Though out of breath, the captain eyed me with a cold stare, as if he was about to reproach me for something I had said.


I took my staff and leaped out of the tent. Around me was fire and chaos. Tall, pointy eared, disgusting creatures were setting the caravan on fire and attacking Ruhon's men. At least fifteen of them I counted. I called a chant and raised my staff high. The area was lit by a sharp light, blinding only that which was of ill intent. As the nasty creatures were blinded Ruhon and those that remained hewed wildly at them. They killed seven, the others fled.

Among our dead were two; a young guard, blonde and handsome and dressed fine, and the bulky guard that dared not enter the forest.

I felt somewhat guilty. The captain and I backed eachother before entering the forest that there would be no goblins. Now two men lay dead, valuable resources were lost and we had lost many of our equipment and tents. It was a mildly bitter taste of things to come.




The End

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