Ch 1: The EndMature

The world ends due to the sudden failure of technology. Neil loses everything and so runs away into this New World. He meets Amy and Cass. They travel together.

July 1

A town in the midst of Maine.

                Two teens are lying on the floor of an old attic, kissing. A bright and cheery sun shines down from the cupola above them. The girl has the look of a natural athlete, long, straight blond hair tied back in a ponytail that has the look of a permanent feature. The boy has the slightly blocky look of the typical jock, strong muscles over most of his body, almost no fat, short cropped hair and a clean shaven face, but his face betrays an intelligence deeply hidden, perhaps even from himself.  They are both dressed in well fitting t-shirts and jeans and look quite happy.

                The girl breaks away from the kiss. “This is great. Too bad summer is almost at an end. If only we were going to college in the same town, we could do this all the time!” She tries to fake a frown and fails. “Wait…we are! Six weeks and we can do this whenever we want.” She snuggles next to him.

                The boy laughs happily. “You know Alice, I think I love you.” He plays with a lock of her hair that has come loose from her pony tail and now threatens to make him sneeze.

                She laughs and rubs his short brown hair.  “Neil, if you were anyone else I would assume that is a shot to get into my pants. Since itisyou, I know it is.”

                He makes a vain attempt to act affronted, but can’t keep his smile away. “Why, how dare you insult the honor of my person? I’m a gentleman! I’m in the top 100% of honorable individuals! I wou-“

                It is at this moment the world ended.

                A huge wave of force passes through the building. Shards of glass and splinters of wood fly through the air. Neil and Alice are thrown across the room.

                Once the world has stopped moving Neil sits up. He angrily runs his fingers through his hair. “Ow! That...was unexpected. Not that it hurt of anything. Y’ ok?” He tries to stand and notices an extreme pain in one of his legs. He looks down at his pants to find a shard of glass sticking out of it, as well as a smattering of wood splinters perforating his pant leg. He sets about carefully removing the ones that are not in too deep. As he does so, he calls over to his girl. “Alice? Are. You. Okay?” He stops his de-splintering and looks around. He spies his girlfriend lying limply not too far away. “Hey, Aly?” She does not move. “Aly!” Neil starts to look alarmed, and starts to crawl over, still calling her name. When she still does not move he rises to his feet and half runs, half collapses over to her. Quickly he rolls her over and checks for any injuries.  Other then small cuts from splinters she is unharmed. As he goes over her body, he notices something is off. It takes him a half second to realize her chest is not rising and falling. He checks for a pulse. Nothing. “Alice!” He screams, his mind whiling.

               Ok,he thinks,Not breathing. No pulse. Need to save her. CPR. Breathing and chest compressions.As he thinks it, he implements it. Need to restart the heart. Can’t do that here. Need help.He shouts as loud as he can.No one can hear me. We went herbecauseno one tends to be nearby. Need help. Help……PHONES!!!!!

                Quickly he reaches a trembling hand to his pocket, practically ripping his cell out. He dials a nine and a one before noticing the screen is dead.  He swears violently and smashes it on the ground. A flash of insight occurs to him and he grabs Alice’s phone. It is also dead. His swearing gets worse. He bits his finger and looks up. At the cupola. The half rotten stairs creak ominously under his feet as he runs up. He punches the remains of a window out of his way and looks out.

                Although dusk is rapidly approaching, no lights have come on.  Anywhere. Neil does not notice this irregularity however, as his mind is taken up by the two cars standing in the street, with their drivers shouting angrily at one another. A rush of hope fills Neil and he shouts a rush of gibberish at them. “M ygirlfr isnd  ishurtnob r eat hinneedhelp gettoh ospit alhe lp!” He jumps back down to the attic proper.

                He rushes to Alice and grabs her in both her arms. He ignores her weight and the splinters buried in his flesh and runs as fast as he can down the house. He jumps down the stairs to the ground floor, and kicks down the banister in his way. He tries to do the same to the front door, but it resists. He shouts something manly and shifts Alice to one hand. He uses the other to grab at the door and pull as hard as he can. The door makes a low creaking sound before a large chunk of it comes loose. Neil forces his way through and leaps the banister over the front porch, landing in an overgrown bush. Branches snap as he runs on.

                One of the drivers noticed the odd man shouting from the rooftop and has approached the street. He is short and balding, and one of his legs ends in a metal prosthesis, but he still looks fairly fit. He bears a slight resemblance to Alice. When Neil collapses to his feet, still shouting, a shudder of recognition passes through him.

                “Neil! What are you doing here?” The man shouts, more in surprise then alarm. “And why are you carrying my niece! This has better not be some new sex thi-“  His voice trails off as his thoughts catch up with his eyes. “What happened? Why is Alice…..?” He crouches next to her.

                Neil takes a deep breath. “Coach…there was…something…she…collapsed. Not breathing. No heartbeat. I….I tried all I could.  Needs help!” He clutches her close to his chest and his world disappears. 

The End

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