Of a Dream Chaser

About Keah; a girl who talks a lot and is different from most other girls in the stereotyped ways, but is at peace with herself and this fact.She has just one dream stitched to her heart and is full of pride at what she is and...hopefully what she'l be....

“So they call u 'Kiah'.”

The fact seemed to sink into Tan's mind. Keah was happy in his company.

“Yeah.” she nodded.

“But then according to your spelling you should be called ' Kee..yah', right?'

“Oh my god!”, Keah gasped , flinging her hands in mock exasperation. She liked Tan. Not that she fell for anything male, like her friends teased. Definitely not. She just took a strong liking to anyone with an elder brotherly disposition. Tan happened to be the latest victim. He was her cousin by one step. They both were meeting after 15 years.

“I didnt name myself , Tan!”

Tan looked at her though his unrimmed glasses. “ Well, agreed...”

Keah knew more was to come, from his I-am-not-convinced-look.

“....so we settle with this. You are Kiah with an 'e'.”

Keah acknowledged his statement with her smile. Her sweetest, reserved for only those she kept close to her heart; like Her grandparents.

Tan's mother was Keah's father's cousin. On one ocassion when Keah's dad was discussing about the legendry topic of her non-stop talking, the fact that Tan spoke too, irrespective of ages and sexes, came out.

But it turned out that though Tan was friendly with everyone, he wasnt half as much hyper-talker as Keah. He spoke; and spoke sense.

The End

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