Odeon's Star

This story is set in Europe, after the Ice Age, so about 3000 years ago. You might need to do some research before writing. It is about a young girl, Rane, who hears the story about Odeon's Traveler, and she decides to go in search of the legend which is Odeon. it is your choice what the story of Odeon's Traveler is about.


Rane lay on her back in the wheat-grass, staring up at the sky. It was almost Middle-night and the sky was a rich, deep blue, the stars like tiny basalt stones in the sky, only much brighter.

   'That one is Odeon's Star,' Fa said, pointing out the star closest to the Pole Star.

   Rane stared up at it. It was definitely the biggest star in the sky. Fa took some loganberries out of his food pouch and handed some to Rane. Rane took them and ate them. Fa ate some as well.

   'Odeon's Star is the most important star in the sky,' Fa continued. 'It takes a whole moon to rise up next to the Pole Star and then another moon to sink back down again. You can tell how long it takes to get from the deep forest to the sea. From the mountains back to White-Water Falls.' Fa paused to replace his food pouch into his belt.

   'Have you ever heard of Odeon's Traveler Rane?' Fa asked.

   'No Fa. Please tell me,' Rane replied, turning to face him.

   'It happened many summers ago. Many, many many summers ago. Oh at least one hundred summers before you were born,' Fa started.

The End

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