Ode to Steak

S-T-E-A-K.  Who would have thought that those five letters could depict something of such indescribable beauty?  Steak!  Be it round steak or minute steak, tenderloin or T-Bone, each has its own personality, texture, and flavor.  Just as no two people in this world are exactly the same, you will never meet the same steak twice.  Flavorings, seasonings, animal of origin, if it’s well-done or rare…these all contribute to the uniqueness of every steak you will ever enjoy.  But although a man may know many women, each beautiful in her own way, he must decide on one that he wants to give his heart, and pledge his love.  So it is with steak.  Long ago, I gave my heart to a 16 oz., medium rare beef T-bone, lightly marbled, and liberally sprinkled with Club House brand Montreal Steak Spice.  I haven’t looked back since.  She is a rustic brown on the outside, like the skin of a rough, aged maple tree.  When you open her up, she doesn’t resist your touch.  Inside, she is soft and pink and moist, like the lips of an adored lover.  Juicy and flavorful, she enters your mouth and lingers there, like being locked in a passionate kiss.  The gentle taste of the warm pink juice mixes with the sharp, savory bite of the salty seasoning to create a wholly unique experience.  Just as the meeting of day and night create the universe’s most spectacular paintings in the western sky, which cannot be duplicated by any mere mortal; such is the glory that is captured by man’s taste buds when those two flavors meet.  She unravels, revealing more and more of herself as you gently chew.  When you swallow, she gently slides down your esophagus, making room for you to enjoy another blissful bite.  Finally, when the last piece of those 16 ounces of glory have passed your lips, you take a moment to reflect, as you might at a dear friend’s funeral, on all the good times you had together while they were here on earth. 

RIP dear friend.

The End

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