Ode to Mr. Perkins

I previously worked at an assisted living home and my way of grieving for my residents was to write about the little moments that truly showed who they were, here is one I wrote about the sweetest old man that I ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Wrinkles accentuate his eyes and mouth, flaunting every happy moment spent. Trembling lips shaped into a smile release a youthful vigor nourished by utter joy. He wheeled himself across the dark green floral carpeting; he was on his nightly stroll. Stopping a moment to glance up, flash a grin, and continue on his way. Swept up in the moment, he danced circles around the tables enlisting every movement into this gleeful frolic.

His torso, now twisted, eyes swollen. Life drained from them. Soft blue eyes sunk deep within his skull, a forgotten ocean, Atlantis' dwelling. Summer bliss decays to a fallen autumn leaf with rusted edges.

A spark ignites within.

A single candle refusing to dwindle. 

His smile flutters and takes flight, eyes brighten. The shadow awakens, heart beating firmly beneath his chest. Lifting his calloused palm to mine, bliss radiating from every pore, his silent whispers I heard. Inhaling life's immortal beauty, he drifts into eternity.

The End

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