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With Tim transforming into an unexpected thunder cloud, Bomo wished aloud that he had an umbrella. Gim rolled her eyes and sighed, "you are always depending on other people and are never properly prepared for the changing weather in our temperate climate, nor for surprise celebratory banquets, battles with beast-like warriors or even a simple weekend trip," as she reached for her spare rain poncho and lovingly handed it to Bomo.

Bomo replied in a heroic tone, "that's right! I was to pack a change of clothes, find another companion, hopefully with strange and magical powers who isn't too busy mixing colourful potions or reading dusty books, and meet up with Stalker in the fields for our adventure!"

"You can put your arm down you know," Gim giggled. Bomo looked around sheepishly as he realized he was standing with his right foot firmly planted on a small boulder and his right arm outstretched over his head in a threateningly over dramatic pose that Gim could have likened to a superhero taking flight, if there had been any reasonable way for her to know of such things. Gim reached for Bomo's left hand and they ran towards the field where Stalker was still, inexplicably, waiting for them.

"While you learned of the secrets of the forest and were inspired by the fear of the imminent danger of your village I was engrossed in thoughts about former loves, my forgotten past and how I must have vengeance on those who killed my family," Stalker mentioned stoically while casually cleaning his sword. "Do you have everything you need Bomo?"

"I, ur, umm... well, this is Gim. Currently, she's just a friend that will accompany us on our journey and later I presume we will develop some kind of long-lasting intimate relationship, so I certainly would like to bring her along..."

Just as Bomo was about to find an excuse as to why he neglected to find a second traveling companion and pack clean underwear he was interrupted by two simultaneous events: a dramatic crashing noise on the path behind him that could be likened to a hurricane in a kitchen supply store and a subtle and persistent rumbling that seemed to be causing the ground to shake below him. Bomo did the most reasonable thing he could do: he broke down and cried.

Gim, although constantly dissatisfied with the cowardice of Bomo, was very observant and had quick reflexes. She turned around to protect the crying heap that was Bomo while Stalker tried to calm his hysteric horse. To Gim's surprise the commotion down the path was not only shockingly unrelated to the current earthquake, but it was not nearly as bad has she had initially anticipated. Down the path towards her came Huxley the village Hermit. He was laden down with tools and pans of all sizes as well as vials, bottles and jars of every colour and shape. Huxley had been listening to Bomo and Gim as they talked with Tim and knew that he needed to join them on their journey. As his clairvoyant grandmother had predicted this exact plot development several decades earlier.

Bomo and Gim looked at one another, with a glance that could only say one thing: 'this fellow is well stocked and is likely some kind of wizard who would be nothing less than essential for so many of our future shenanigans,' unless,on the other hand, it was saying 'when will we actually get some time alone to explore our growing animal desires and strong emotional connection forged in death defying circumstances.'

There was no longer time to waste, as Stalker already mentioned, this was business time. The earth stopped rumbling and the horse calmed down on its own accord so Stalker was free to stand in awe of the scene that lay before him. The tremor has split the ground before his feet and exposed a secret trail that seemed to be covered in a strange semi-precious dust that looked not unlike an unnatural shade of too yellow gold.

Stalker knew this had been the road they were looking for and looked over his shoulder at the trio of village folk behind him. They all smiled widely as they linked arms. Stalker knew what he had to do: in the very adaptable key of B flat he broke into song. Despite the challenge of his having only just made up the lyrics the haphazard band of travelers took up the tune and started off on their journey in harmony.

The End

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