Someone different arrives - but it's bad newsMature

Bomo was struck from behind and landed on the hard forest ground with an aggressive thud.  Looming over him was a shadowy wolfish beast.  The piercing glare of the beasts yellow eyes chilled his bones and he clutched his amulet of Doom as if it somehow might save him.  Which it obviously would at some point in the story.   But don't use it too much, Bomo!  Because we all know that amulets and rings go sour!

The stench of the beast's hot breath disgusted Bomo less than it's unsightly drool.  Out of the corner of Bomo's left eye, he could see Gim backed up against a tree by two more of the Godless canines.

Out of the corner of his right eye, he could see Mybel softly whistling to herself and acting like a regular, good old forest tree. 

With his left nostril, he could smell sweat.  With his right nostril, he could smell sulphur.

The Beast atop Bomo raised its head to the clouds and let out a heart stopping howl, low at first but finding a crescendo that seemed to undermine the very foundation of the forest.  Then, after a brief moment of silent salivating, it bared its teeth and lunged it's gaping maw at Bomo's exposed throat.

A blinding white flash lit up the sky and scores of coloured lights, arraigned in the order of the prism, eneveloped the wolfbeasts with spectacular pyrotechnics. 

Each howled, a different howl, a mournful howl, and began an involuntary descent into the hollows of the forest.

Bomo found himself struggling with nothing but thin air and noticed that Gim looked around her, shaken but unhurt.  The beasts had disappeared and the lights had subsided.

In front of them was now a tall iridescent man with a tall white robe and a tall white beard.  He rode a large elegant steed.

"Who are you?", asked Bomo incredulously.

"Tim!", interrupted Gim.

"No, my name is Gandobiwan", said the tall irridescent man.

"Are you sure?", asked Bomo, "You look like a Tim"

"You may call me Tim, young one", sighed the wizard.

"And your large elegant steed?", asked Bomo, "What's his name?"

"Aren't you at all interested in why I'm here and who those dark noxious others were?", asked Tim, slightly confused.

""Now listen", he continued, "There is danger lurking north of here, danger that is beyond the realm of mortal men.  The world is at turning point where great evil is at the cusp of destroying everything beautiful humankind has ever come to love."

"I have a name for your horse!", engaged Gim excitedly, "We'll call him Les!"

"That's a great name for a horse!", shouted Bomo, and they high fived each other, not realizing that beneath their very being they secretly, wanted to make love.

"Look, you can call me Tim but the horse's name is Pragmaticus", said Tim, trying to conceal his irritation.

"Anyhow, the two of you will undergo the quest of your lives, you will doubt your abilities, discover how love can defeat the most vile of evil..."

"Hey!", said Bomo to Gim.

"What?" asked Gim.

"Vile and Evil have the same letters!", sputtered Bomo

"They do!", said Gim, and they high fived each other, not realizing that beneath their very being, they secretly wanted to make love.

."Yes, yes, and so do does the word live,", interrupted Tim, "and"

Before he continued Bomo was counting on his fingers.

"Evil.", he muttered to himself, "!   He's right!", cried Bomo

"Don't!", thundered the wizard before they could high five.

"Now listen to me, and listen very closely.  Despite your insolence and inane behaviour, I'm going North to stop a mage of very great evil in order to allow you passage into the netherworld.  Our powers are of such close proximity that, even though you will be rooting for me, I am going to die.  This is bad news", said Tim.

  Gim and Bomo absorbed whatever they had heard from the wizard during their impromptu game of rock scissors paper.

"You treat this with such glibness now", bellowed Tim, "for your characters have not been forged.  But the time will come, likely at the end of your adventure when you will be staring down death's door with no evident hope for your trivial survival.  It will seem likely that your quest will have been all for naught", nagged Tim.

"Yeah, yeah", said the voice of Mybel who had been trying very hard to sleep, "and then you'll come floating in like a benelovent spectre, whoooooooo, risen from the dead through some lame hindsight reasoning, the big man, big hero, and save them.  Tim."

"They don't know that, Mybel!  I might be dead for good", stammered Tim.

"Right", yawned Mybel, "I'm not a betting tree but if I were..."

"I'm off to die!", pouted Tim, "Nice knowing you"

"Hey Tim", said Bomo, "before you go..."

"Yes", said Tim, looking hopefully at Bomo.

"Those beasts you called the Noxious Others"

"Yes?", pressed Tim.

"Do they have a name?"


And with  that Tim was off by turning himself into a cloud and raining later on..

The End

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