Mysterious Beautiful Elven lady saves the day!Mature

Out of the gloom, a rather whiney, irritating voice called out, ''Dribbles, come here!''

The thing stopped hovering and went in the direction of the annoying voice.  The thick, choking mist dissipated, as if being blown away by a large hairdryer and became a rather more attractive and less-threatening swirly mist, out of which emerged the owner of the voice.

She was tall, and had silver-blonde flowing locks, which rippled in the breeze.  Her face could have been the one which launched a thousand ships.  The light reflected off her noble brow and her straight, elegant nose.  Her opalescent eyes of palest blue spoke of eons of ancient wisdom - that is, if eyes can speak.  Her pearly pink lips were full and inviting.  Bomo was starting to feel quite giddy from looking at her until she opened those pearly lips again and completely spoiled the effect.

''Oh no!  Not again.  Why are you horrible mortals always hanging around my glade and disturbing the elven beauty and mystery of this place?''   went the awful whining voice.

''Oh, do excuse us, my Lady.'' said Bomo, bowing low and almost completely recovered from his brief infatuation.  ''I'm very sorry that I, a lowly field-worker and my companion who is even less worthy than myself....OUCH!''  He frowned at Gim and rubbed at his ribs... ''have disturbed your peace.''

''We will be on our way as soon as you have given us some vital piece of information which we would not otherwise have discovered until much later on.''  He bowed again.

''How dare you.''  she whinged.  ''I am much too important to just hand out trivial information willy-nilly, to the likes of you.  Know you that I am...''  she paused for effect... ''Mybel, a mysterious, beautiful Elven Lady.''

She looked around, as if expecting a flash of light and a fanfare, but nothing like that happened.  Instead, the formerly hovering creature butted her in the back, almost pushing her into the mud.

''Dribbles!'' she scolded, miserably.  ''You stupid mutt - go away.''

They all looked at Dribbles, who had been snuffling around, half hidden in the mist, which had just about cleared by now.  He was a glossy-coated large black dog, with a bad case of adenoids - his mouth hung open and a large pink tongue hung out, surely the reason for his unglamorous name.  He looked at his mistress and skulked off with his tail between his legs.

''Lady Mybel.'' said Bomo.  ''We heard fearful noises from the village and were going to help.  We came upon this place quite by accident.  We cannot leave until we have met up with the tall dark stranger who is to be our guide and protector in this quest.  His name is Stalker.''

At the name, Mybel's expression became misty and sad and somewhat more sexy.  Her eyes widened and she whispered, ''Naugahide.''

''Oh, you DO know him then.'' said Bomo.

''No, I have never heard of him, you tiresome human.  I was never romantically linked with him in the past and we were not forced to part due to the disapproval of my father because he was a mortal and I am an Elf-Queen even though he is also of royal blood.''  she said,  almost running out of breath towards the end of the sentence.

''All right, then.'' said Gim.  ''You obviously don't want to help us.  Bye!''  She grabbed Bomo's arm and yanked him away.

''Nooooo.''  whined Mybel.  ''Wait.  Tell me more of this Naug...Stalker.  I might be able to help you find him.''

Just then, another blood-curdling scream cut the air.  Bomo and Gim jumped,  then huddled together. 

''We have to go.  The village is in danger and we've already wasted time talking to you when you're obviously only interested in Stalker and not us.''  said Gim.  ''Come on, Bomo.''

They turned to leave, but their path was blocked by a large figure.

The End

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