Ode to ClicheMature

Ah, The Cliche.

We've all written them. We've all cringed at the sight of them. They are not necessarily bad on an individual basis, but when clumped together, they are quite the mess.

I was getting tatered with a friend the other night when we decided that creating a story entirely devoted to The Cliche was a good idea. Again - we were getting tatered.

So, here is a place where The Cliche can live in brilliant glory instead of in the shadows of condemnation. I've flagged this as mature in the chance that someone is truly angry at the cliche they are putting on the page.

Ode to Cliche...."and so it begins."   :)


We start off our tale in an alternate reality far, far away on a distant planet that bears remarkable resemblance to the quaint countryside of Ohio.

Our protagonist is the Boy of Mysterious Origins - Bomo for short - who does not realize he is the key to saving the world. Bomo lives with his evil Aunt Mildred and Uncle Earl on a farm where he does all the labor while their son, Guapo Narcissisto, woos the ladies.

The only item Bomo was given by his parents is a Magical Amulet of Unspeakable Doom (Maud) and he is, under no circumstances, supposed to take it off.

Bomo is, of course, the small-for-his-age underdog of the town and he is in love with The King's daughter. He has seen her passing through town in the royal carriage and is (every time they come through) splashed with mud. 

Coincidentally, Bomo has only seen her highness's eyes because the rest of her face is coyly veiled in the carriage curtains. This Oppressed Princess of Parental Paranoia (Oppy, we shall call her), wishes for nothing more than to be free of her responsibilities.

Bomo's best friend is the tough, tom-boy Gim - Girl in Menswear - who is secretly in love with Bomo. Gim will never reveal her feelings until she absolutely, positively has no other option than to do so (feel free to write that scene at any time).

Bomo is very happily going through his regular chores in the fields and dreaming about Oppy when...

The End

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