Ode To Chocolate

Oh Cadbury your Galaxy is just Heaven

beTwix Mars and the Milky Way –

Black Magic dreams come true;


Coffee Creams transport me, and

Turkish Delight insinuates itself into

my very soul, to Fry my intentions.


I am fragmented by Flakes, crumbling

their impossible wreck upon my tongue…

I’m set adrift on the good ship Bounty.


Tunnock’s Teacakes swell with cream

tantalizing, crushing promises of diets.

Oh Caramel me a Chocolate Orange Terry.


Wagon Wheels Yoyo, soft on an Aero

cloud, we fly After Eight White Mice

and Ruffles of Raspberry Snicker softly.


Oh Yorkie! Malteeser me to Bourneville

don’t let Lions Bar the way; Crunchie

is on the Topic of cancer and obesity.


Diabetic Thornton’s Fudge the milk;

fat prayers bring Minstrels and manic

moments – time is worth a Dime.


Oh Universe, send me the power of Jaffa

Cake sensibility, build me a fountain

of chocolate and bloody drown me in it!

The End

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