If you think its hard to look someone in the eye when you're lying, to have them hold your shoulders and make you face them, look at them, make you tell the truth, then you wouldn't like this world.

What if, the government had control over our information about us? They implant us when we're younng, scan our pupils and our irises, so that our eyes tell everything?

Of course, eyes already can tell everyone anything about you. How you feel, what you're thinking, what's in your genes.

But what if it went further than that? We have that information, coded, into our eyes, we're walking computers. Simply by staring into one's eye, you can see everything: name, birthday, age, health history, criminal history, mother and father, who your friends are, your children's names, where you work, who you've kissed, your grades in middle school, even your favorite color.

This device that they implant into us... it's a biological computer. It reads us and sends the government, or anybody, everything they want to know. They can scan your eyes and see your search history on Google, and know when you've downloading things illegally.

What would happen in a world like this? Crime would be a thing of the past, because your eyes would give away everything. Nobody could secretly have a crush, because right there in the open, is the words, LIKES AMY FARLAND, or IS ATTRACTED TO GEORGE BRADLY. There would be no secrets.

The End

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