I don't know when my life will end, but in the back of my odd mind I find myself wishing for it to be soon.  I didn't like seeing him like that, but do I have a choice?  I think that it might be my, I know that it's my fault...

Does he notice me?  My arm?  I look down at it, but instead of the pooling red blood, I see fingerprints...his fingerprints...I miss the feeling, crave it, want it, need it... but instead all I do is see the memories of it...then, a feeling rushes into my head...oh, what is this?  My brain is pounding, and I feel my eyelids flutter.  A pair of arms reach out to grab me, but the floor flies up faster.  I'm sprawled out on the ground, and I lose everything that happens next.    

The End

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