Cheer Up Chicken

'What's wrong?' Asked Dad over dinner. 'You're very quiet these days, Evie.'

Eve shrugged, toying with her brocoli miserabley. She was hating all the attention at school. She prefered the fade in the backround, unknown and unnoticed by anyone.

'Cheer up, chicken,' Dad said happily, spearing a potato and eating it whole. 'Schools great, yeah?'

'Don't talk with your mouth full,' snapped Mum, sipping her sparkling water and frowning at her husband. 'Eve is perfectly fine, she's just being fussy with her food. Do eat up dear,' she added.

Nobody actually asks my opinion round here, Eve thought, chewing the broccoli slowly and gazing out of the window. Even if I screamed at them that I absolutley hated school, no one would listen to me. They don't understand anyway.

'Just keep happy, chicken,' Dad said, chucking her under the chin happily. 'That's what I always say.'

That's what you always say. Sure, Dad, sure. Even I remember the Dark Days, when you were depressed, Eve thought.

The End

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