Eve felt increasingly out of place in her new life. Fellow teenage girls all sported huge boobs and miniture handbag dogs, perfect hair and perfect teeth, all laughing shrilly into miniture mobiles while tottering down the street in stilletoes and weighed down with shopping.

Alone and lost, Eve spent her days on huge porch outside their home. It overlooked the sun baked street and the sprawling sand coloured villas that resided there. No children played in the street, no neighbours leaned over fences to chat while watering the petunias.

Petunias wouldn't even grow here, Eve decided miserabley as she watched the milionth glossy convertible glide past the house. The sun shone endlessly, the heat was unavoidable, unless Eve retreated into the air conditioned, breezy interior of their home.

Saturday afternoon, and her mum announced they were visiting the botanical gardens near the airport. Eve moaned and whined, as she felt no desire to leave the wide, wooden floored porch that had become her hideaway.

'You'll enjoy yourself,' Mum said, examining her nails. 'I'll take you shopping afterwards, darling. You'll need some new clothes when you start school on Monday.'

'I'm going to school!' It had not even crossed Eve's mind that she would be starting school so soon. 'But Mum, it's June. Don't they break up for the summer holidays soon anyway?'

Her mother shrugged, uncaring. 'I need to get you out from under my feet anyway, darling. Moping about all day reading books, it's not normal for a girl your age.'

Eve sighed, and gave herself in to another scorching, unbearable day in the desert.

The End

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