Odd Place

Eve has just moved from damp, chilly southern England into the scorching heat of Arizona, the Grand Canyon State. The change seems dramatic, but everything is a little, well, odd..

The second Eve stepped out of the air conditioned airport, the heat consumed her instantly. It seeped into her mouth and parched her lips, cracked her skin and stung her washed out grey eyes.

Eve let out a small huff of suprise as the scorching temperature folded itself around her, and her mother laughed. 'You'll get used to it,' she trilled happily, adjusting her Burberry handbag. 'Taxi!'

In the taxi was even worse than outside. It smelt of unwashed body and cheap air freshener, and every inch of Eve's clothes were plastered to the fake leather seats with sweat.

Her Dad hummed merrily as he watched the city speed past him. Eve watched the city speed past with much less enthusiasm.

Where's all the grass? She thought desperatley. And the tree's and the flowers? The fluffy grey clouds and the drizzling rain? Where has it gone?

Not a speck of green seemed to pass Eve's eyes out of the window. No grass, but sand and red-brown rock, baked in the summer sun, and cacti, standing tall and proud and pressing proudly into the sky.

Later, in their blissfully cool air conditioned house, Eve's only consolation was the magnificent azure blue pool awaiting her in the back garden. It wasn't much of a garden, or a yard as they called it in America.

One tree shading a large patio with a barbeque on, and the pool which was inside its own conservatory type contruction. No flowerbeds and soft soil to dig and watch life flourish in.

'It's all dead,' Eve pronounced to no one inparticular. 'Nothing's alive here.'

Her mother tutted her softly and set her down to watch television, which after ten mintues viewing, Eve dismissed as awful. There was Disney Channel, which was passable, an American comedy called Two and a Half Men, that Eve had never heard of, and endless news and boring documentaires.

She had just settled down to a boring life of awful American telly, when her Dad came in, cocking a rifle. Eve screamed. 'Dad, Jesus, put it away! You'll get arrested!'

Her Dad laughed while she stared wildly. Had he gone insane?

'Don't be silly, chook. I bought it.'

'You can't buy guns!' Eve cried. 'They're illegal, remember?'

Her Dad laughed even harder. 'Not in the good old USA they aren't. I bought it from a gun shop down the road.'

'What, you're allowed to own guns?' Eve said, amazed.

'Yup. I can defend myself now.'

'But surley people must kill eachother more!'

Her Dad shrugged and placed the rifle tenderly by the drinks cabinet. 'Go to bed chook , you're worn out.'

How will I survive? Eve wondered. Everything here is wrong! Everything in Phoenix. Everything.

The End

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