Modern Scientist

 The sound of voices and scuffling feet woke Dralen up. His eyes flickered around the train, a fat guard bellowing "Get of my bloody train!" 

A hand grabbed Dralens trench coat, hoisting him out of his seat. Dralen turned around and politely asked "Are you ill?"


Dralen mumbled "Could've fooled me."

The guard pushed Dralen backwards towards the exit, wheezing with the exertion. Dralen continued "It's easier to do things if you time your breaths, it'll really help when you're in hospital."

Dralen stopped at the exit. The guard tried to catch up, asking "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Ah, you're not pregnant, just fat!"

The guards rough hands pushed Dralen out of the train. The guard yelled "At least I'm not a hobo!"

Dralen looked at the alcohol stains on the front of his trench coat, sighing. The train disembarked, steam issuing from the front. He stood up and thought stupid fat man... oh well, there was no way for him to know. Alex has probably taken of through the crowd by now. Dralen turned around and saw a blond man talking to a tall women. Grinning, he took a monoscope out and zoomed in. A voice asked "Are you a scientist?"

Spooked, he jumped, twisting to see where the voice had come from. A women stood before him, a golden coral clenched in her left hand. Dralen blinked and raised the monocle back to his eye, staring at the pair again, thinking that must be Alex. The voice again asked "Are you a scientist?"

Dralen pocketed his monocle, turned to a women called Faen and seethed "Yes, I'm a bloody scientist! I mix chemicals, mechanical robotics, raise vampires, build long range missiles, nurture flowers, harness steam power, yes, I am the very model of a scientist!"

Faen stroked her hair "Vampires don't exist."

"Did I say vampires?"

"You did."

"Oh... well, who'll believe you?"

Dralen took a pistol out of his pocket and fired a round at Alex, missing his head. Alex ducked and started running towards a library close by, pushing people out of his way with supernatural strength. Dralen bit his lip, looked at Faen and yelled "My names Dralen, run for your life!" He sprinted after Alex, loading a new round into his single shot pistol.

The End

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