Ocean and Twilight the Unicorn

It was hurricane katrina in 2005 in southeast Texas , Hurricane Katrina just struck and killed 1,836 people. Ocean and Twilight the Unicorn are best friends and are living together because their parents are lost and they are trying to find them. The hurricane keep's them farther and farther away from their parents. Will they find their parents?

August 23,2005


Today a terrible hurricane hit , a lot of people got hurt , a lot of people lost their family. I’m scared to go outside today i’m just gonna stay inside , tomorrow I will look for my best friend Ocean. I'm so scared will i ever see my parents again?


August 24,2005

I found ocean she was crying in her room. You see she is human she doesn’t understand why these things happen. Plus, she is an over-emotional human ; i’m a unicorn, no not like the kind you read in fairytale books my fur is black and we get our names from our personality and at birth our horns reflect our personality and give us our names they named me twilight because i’m “the light in the dark.” ocean said as she was crying “ Twilight, my my parents, are dead.” she was stuttering and crying “they weren't here when i woke up yesterday” she said. I said “don't worry, your parents are fine as long as we are together we will get through it.”


August 26,2005

Today me and Ocean finally went out to find  my parents we figured they would be at Ocean’s mom “hide out” so we we walked all the way their. 4 days of walking


August 30, 2005

We finally arrived and when we got there was nobody there and we ran around trying to find our parents but all we found was their unconscious bodies we cried and through ourselves over their body and they woke up they were sleeping the whole time. We hugged them and we told them how much we love them and to never scare me like that again.

The End

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