Occupational Hazzard

As he sat waiting for the man, he thought over his future.  He was sick of this occupation and did regret his career choice. 
The job would have been ok, except, the waiting.  The waiting oh and the studying, studying, waiting..  he weighed the balance which was worse, they were both bad.  But, the money was gooood!  and he deserved it, he completed all of his jobs, never a mistake, never a detail left out. He took pride in his work.

Some of the guys, were slackers, didn't study the job, didn't appreciate the good money the client paid and sloppy... good lord, some of the things they did, wow! 
Details, that is what he focussed on, every detail had to be in it's proper place, nothing askew, nothing left behind, clean and neat.

He lifted his head from the paper he was reading, there was a man walking towards him.  The man had his collar turned up and the brim of his hat covered his eyes.. Stylish, a wide brim, hadn't seen one of those in a long time.  He couldn't see the mans' features well, but it was the right time, he was the right size, that had to be him.

The man talked to the waitress for a minute and she pointed a slim finger towards a hall that ran down the back of the restaurant.  He was going to the rooms marked private, just where he was supposed to go..

The waitress gave him a nod, ever so slightly, he stood, tucked his paper under his arm, put his hand in his pocket, left a fifty on the table and headed for the back rooms.  Perfect, things were moving along.

What was this!!!  this wasn't right, he should have been on his way home right this minute, he should have been relaxing with Lisa laying in his lap... ahhh, she was going to be so very upset.. she was cooking his favorite, meatloaf, full of bell peppers..
Thinking about the meatloaf made him realize blood was pouring from his belly, the next shot hit him in the upper chest.. stupid, why didn't he just shoot him in the head.  His shots caused great pain, yes it did, but not enough to make him lose his grip on the 357.

The man actually looked surprised when the first bullet hit him, the second he handled with style.. 
They both crumbled to the floor, life ebbing from both.. what had he done, all of his jobs were perfect, he exhaled and blood sprayed from his lips. 

The last job, no nothing wrong, except, he had left one person alive.. it was an infant for crying out loud, an infant! God he hated this job, if he had only moved faster, changed his occupation..well too late now..  He lay his head back and focussed on the ceiling, one thing, he took the fool with him, so... job complete!

The End

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