Some Flaws, Some Hatred and Some Sunglasses

There was one fundamental flaw with sunglasses - you couldn't see very well in them. As soon as I stepped out onto the MCR, I walked straight into someone. And not just any someone, as it happens. But a someone who was someone to me. It was an extremely unlikely occurrence - with a galaxy this big you didn't meet people all that often. Which was a big advantage - especially if you wanted to have multiple girlfriends / boyfriends at once. There was a man who apparently had 100+ girlfriends on the go all at the same time. He travelled in time to see them all at once, on different planets all across the galaxy. I think the guy's name was Steve.

But anyway, it seemed as of late unusual occurrences seemed to like me. I wasn't sure whether this was something to be happy about or not. Due to my pessimistic nature, I'm going to conclude that it's not a good thing, and that the Universe hates me.

"Zigma is that you?" questioned the person who stood before me - a tall pink haired girl dressed in a silver jumpsuit that hurt my eyes to look at, and was probably very revealing but because I was unable to stare at it head on, I couldn't be sure. The glare from the MCR was bad enough, never mind this walking eye murderer.

She was just coming out of adolescence, which meant you were never quite sure whether she was going to scream at you or have a civilized conversation about galactic affairs. Her name was Stella, and she was one of the most annoying people you would ever come across. Ever. She was like a sibling - the younger one that never bothered with anything but still managed to be better than you in every single way. I'd met her for the first time  about a month ago on her time line, but for me it had been closer to a century. She wasn't a time traveller - and hopefully never would be. I didn't like the thought of the space-time continuum being in her hands - or perhaps I just didn't want her to be better than me at time travelling as well.

"The name's J," I said, readjusting my sunglasses and striking a pose. I felt cool until I received the not so attractive present of excrement from a flying creature overhead. Yes - the Universe definitely hates me.

"You've changed your name?" she asked, confused, smirking slightly at the faeces that had landed on my shoulder.

I nodded shortly, "What of it? Is that not allowed?"

"What was wrong with Zigma?" she questioned, stepping round me and into my ship, "Still as stupid as ever I see."

I spun round and placed my hands on my hips, "My ship is not stupid. It is brilliant. And Zigma's a girl's name."

"It is stupid. You probably use about a tenth of this ship," she said, prodding some of the buttons I had on the walls. "And where is Zigma considered a girl's name?"

"On a planet in the Lentle star system," I muttered, "Now get out my ship. You're not coming with me."

"Why not?" she folded her arms and pouted.

"Because I don't like you," I said simply, pulling her out of the doorway and back onto the MCR, "Now go away, I'm busy."

"Busy doing what? Being a hungover tit?" she stood in front of me, blocking my path, "Going to complain at someone as usual?"

"There is nothing wrong with complaining. It can be very productive. It's good to practice your language skills... and speaking in front of an audience... all kinds of useful stuff. And anyway, it's not my fault the galactic council give me so much to complain about. Goodbye, Stella,"

I started striding confidently away from her, mixing with the vast crowds of organisms that filled the whole of the MCR. I changed my walk to a steady run, climbing up the slippery glass staircases that spiralled around the outside of the MCR. Stella decided she wasn't very pleased about this and thought it would be funny to shoot me. So she did. And that was another reason why I found her so damn annoying.

The End

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