Intergalactic Parties


It was extremely light at this time of day, so it was not uncommon for everyone you passed to be wearing sunglasses. I had some in my pocket just in case, like many people did. They're something a lot of people forget to pack when they go travelling. This may result in a headache and sore eyes on tame planets such as Zeta 12 and Earth, but will result in loss of vision and possibly brain matter on some of the warmer climates.

Our world was built up with completely pointless buildings and facilities that no one ever used. We were a travelling nation - we only really came home for the holiday. Unlike most slovenly planets we did not spend multiple weeks celebrating something we didn't really believe in. We just had one day every now and again where we'd all meet up, get intoxicated and probably shout about why we all hate each other. We were that kind of society. Think of England on Earth. You all live together, but apart from a few select friends (also known as those tolerated) everyone else is subject to your criticism, often hypocritical stereotyping, and general hatred. And that's okay - we never really saw each other anyway. The Universe is, like I have said, a big place. There's room for all of us to stumble around for half of eternity and not see each other.

There were some tables and various toxic substances that were probably also radioactive. Everyone had some, of course. Every glass was different, brewed by experimental Chemistry techniques by some of our neighbouring planets. (I say neighbouring, it is a good 5/6 lightyears away. Which to some planets is apparently considered an impossible distance.) Most of the stuff would probably leave us incapacitated for days - but that was tomorrow, and we were time travellers. When you mess around with past and future it becomes a lot easier to just live in the moment - and forget about grammar. It's confusing when you're invited to an event in your future that's in the relative past. And everyone's timelines get mixed up. Relationships are not a good idea if you're not travelling together. What might be your 1 month mark could be her year. She could be pregnant with your child, whilst you could still be a virgin. You might meet her after you've broken up - and she's with someone else. And you're never quite sure whether she's just lying because you've caught her cheating...

What I'm trying to say is, meeting people out of order is not a good thing. The best way to avoid it is not to meet people at all, and be an anti-social bugger who hangs out on planets such as Blexicus-3. (The human equivalent of Scotland) pursuing life through a virtual world.

And now I am babbling. I'm not sure if it's this drink or whether babbling is something I do often. I can't quite remember.

The End

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