Obviously Mysterious

The Universe is most definitely a qwerky place, filled with oddness and haphazard occurrences at every corner. Join me as I take you on a journey - going further than you could ever imagine. You'd be surprised at how familiar everything is.


It is only when one loses something that one realises how much it means to them. It's only when one leaves their home one realises how much one misses it, how much they love the sight of the binary star system rise and fall on the crimson horizon. There is nothing compared to my home planet. The only planet in the galaxy with a binary star system that's habitable. It is not the most pleasant planet in the local galaxy group, but I will argue until my voice leaves me that it is most certainly alluring. And anyway, however promising life elsewhere may be, you always will believe that your home planet would be the place you would ceaselessly return to after your travels.

The Universe created so much dazzling, incomprehensible brilliance. Nothing went without immense effort, precision and... creativity, I suppose. The Universe can be described more as an artistic creation than a scientific one. A spontaneous painting composed by a mind of immeasurable power; or like a musical piece, singing in the key of life. Because the Universe may seem like a muddle of complex mathematical equations, but they are just our way of explaining the inner workings of a greatly imaginative mind. Every planet I have ever walked upon has been seething with beauty, complexity and magic. Often people find it strange that on a world with such knowledge and experience, we still speak of magic and mystery. But those people seem to forget that those very words are excellent at describing the Universe we exist in. Nothing is nothing. Every space is filled with the smallest pin pricks of matter that we have run out of words to define. Where we once rather naively thought empty vacuums sat, we now know are places of vast energy and activity, on a scale so small we will never be able to witness or experience. And as every good scientist will tell you, with each answer there is another question. With every discovery there is something new we do not understand. It is a never ending journey into a place which feels like infinity, and might well be so.

The Universe hasn't let anything go to waste. That is something worth remembering. However unliveable life may seem, there's no wisdom in leaving before you've seen everything life has to offer. You wouldn't leave a music concert after the support band just because they were bad. You've got to wait for the headline act. And prepare to be blown away, my friend, because they put on a hell of a show.

The End

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