Obsidian Bloodstone and the K'thagn Ryl Ygweth

This is a deliberately awful parody of everything I dislike in fantasy. If anyone actually likes this as a serious story, they automatically lose at life forever.


The moon hung low in the sky above the Arcanus School for Magick. Night time was a strange time for Obsidian. It was a time of feeding but also a time in the dark, when the two sides of him warred with each other. His vampire side craved the Huntening, the gorging on blood. His angel heart yearned for the sun and the warm rays of the heavens shining down, itself emitting a pale glow in the darkness. Sighing profoundly, he lay back against the dark slate tiles of the school roof, his wings folded behind him and stared at the stars.

She was in his thoughts again, Ebony Deathchilde. He didn't know how it had happened, how a simple mission for vengeance had turned into... this... but here he was, still in school, falling in love with the very person he had sworn to kill. She was a demon and he was a demonslayer. Such a coupling was forbidden, not only for the obvious reason but for something far more sinister. The enclave of Slayers had long known of a prophecy that foretold of the end times should ever the Hunter and the Hunter fall for one another. Of course, he didn't believe in it, prophecies were for fools and children that needed to be given a reason to obey.

He didn't need to go to school, he wasn't a teenager, far from it. He'd been alive for over 500 years and to be honest, hanging around a bunch of school kids made him feel just a little bit creepy, especially with the way kids dressed nowadays. Damn, some of those kids in the upper, legal limit years, were sexy little ladies. Staying here made him feel like a pervert but stayed he did nonetheless. He'd tracked down the demon to the school. She was a student here and almost as old as he was, her demon body unageing. She'd killed his father in front of him over four hundred years ago. A demon slaying an angel. It sickened him and despite his father's dying wish to forgive her, as was the angel's way, he'd vowed to join the slayers guild and hunt her down.

Little did he know that when he found her, he'd fall so hard for her. She enchanted him, her demon soul arousing something in his dark, vampire heart and disgusting something in his angel heart. That taboo feeling, combined with the attraction, it was intoxicating and her long dark hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes drew him in like a spider did a fly.

He was hooked, plain and simple. Something about her made him feel alive again, made him feel human, like he could be more than just another run-of-the-mill half-vampire half-angel demon slayer with a troubled past and dead parents.

He swooped down from the roof and landed in the school yard. No-one was about at this hour, but Obsidian didn't need to sleep. Instead, he paced for a moment and then swooped off again, perching in a window frame and peering inside. There she was, sleeping soundly, unaware that her boyfriend was watching and struggling with himself everyday to find a reason to go through with it and end her life. She'd even shared with him her blood. It was fiery tasting, like chilli-peppers and while he felt nourished by it far more than by human blood, his angel half rejected it and he often found himself puking afterwards. It was so good though. She was his heroin and he was her junkie.

He waited, watching, until the sun began to rise and then slipped on his shades over his red-irised eyes. The sun didn't harm like like normal vamps, his angel half more than making up for the damage it did. He often though of himself like a vegetable, taking in the sun to grow.

The first lesson today was potions with a crippled old crone of a woman, Professor Margery Thane. She could drag out the simplest lecture for hours and hours and he was amazed any of these kids graduated before the ends of their natural lives with her lessons on the curriculum. He took her classes anyway though, for the other mission that had brought him here undercover for so long. Magic academies were always hives for necromancers, practically swarming with them. Half the time they were secretly run by them, the sadists deliberately recruiting students into the boarding schools from amongst the ranks of their own previous victims. There was barely a school without half the kids scarred in some way from some tragic childhood accident. Personally, Obsidian just thought that necromancers were probably all paedophiles and necrophiliacs. After all, what other reason was their for a bunch of creepy old people to hang around schools and raise people from the dead?

While it wasn't technically demon slaying, he had to do it anyway, all part of the job, speaking of which, he hadn't been paid yet. He'd have to get onto HR soon if things kept up like this. After all, only an idiot would hunt demons and necromancers for free.

The End

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