A Mathematical MysteryMature

Kyle started to reach around for some loose particles in the chemistry classroom, using his Obsession to grab any that he found and pull them close. When Dr. Horusly came and tapped a pen violently on Kyle's desk, demanding his attention, Kyle sighed and said, "Yes?"

The instructor looked tensely at Kyle, then said, "Mr. Blackwater - will you please do me the honor of explaining to the rest of the class exactly how your Obsession and my subject are inextricably connected? One of your illustrious peers has pointed out the burning question of 'When are we gonna use this in life anyways?' So, I have decided to let you answer it. Please, indulge me with your superior knowledge of the topic."

Kyle arched his back and was rewarded with a satisfying crack, along with the ache that had taken hold from leaning on his desk vanishing, as he began, "Well, you see people - what I do isn't all due to just my amazing skill." He grinned at Milla from across the room as he said, "I work with atoms on a daily basis when I use my Obsession. I have to reach out with my mind and grab some free matter, and then I have to shape it. Say I pick up a water molecule," he said, as a small puddle of water formed on his desk, responding to his mental command. "I want to create pure hydrogen. What I can do is - well, I won't bore you with the details of how to move electrons and all that, considering it's impossible for you people anyway - but, the end result..." The water evaporated - more accurately, vanished - from his desk. Kyle then took the Hydrogen atoms he had isolated and cast them about the room before making them rise toward the ceiling and race at one another. When they collided, a small bang filled the room, followed by a wave of warmth. Kyle grinned again and said, "Look - fireworks." He then relinquished his grip on the resulting Helium atom, and looked somewhat gloatingly at Dr. Horusly.

Dr. Horusly scowled and then stalked back to the front of the room. "What I believe Mr. Blackwater was trying to demonstrate with his little experiment is the process of chemically breaking-down compounds - a process which most of you will use at some point in your lifetime." The lecture continued, but Kyle's mind once again began to roam. 

Then, he saw Mr. Hindinburg walking down the hallway outside the classroom, one arm coated in scarlet, holding...something. It looked like a massive raw steak. Kyle looked attentively, and soon felt Dr. Horusly's presence over him once more.

"Blackwater - DETENTION! Go see the principal! You can join your little friend down there."

Kyle thus gathered his notebooks and other possessions, then left the classroom, headed the long way to the principal's office. He wanted to go investigate what Mr. Hindinburg was up to, first. Kyle sneakily followed the math teacher for a few minutes, until he turned into his classroom. Kyle walked by, trying not to peer in and look suspicious, and continued to the principal's office. He would figure out Mr. Hindinburg's mysterious appearance later. For now, he had a scolding to listen to and then another detention to serve.

The End

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