A Heart in the HandMature

Dan noted as Kyle came and sit next to him. So, he had this class too? Well, Dan sort of expected it seeing as most students with obsessions were kept in one area of the school. Sure, the faculty and staff would never admit it, but Dan had noticed during his first year being an Obsessionist. His classes were changed and he was given the excuse of 'trying to even out the classes.' Even as a 12 year old, he knew better.

The news finally got past their opening and got into the special report. Mostly, it was covering the bombing from the day before, but eventually it went into another incident. This one, much to Dan's curiosity, had no confirmed explanation. Was it because it was an Obsession that did the damage? No, all of the ones that develop Obsessions are recorded. Then, what could it have been..?

".. you ok?"

Dan jerked his head from the dark tv. The news show had been off for a while and Dr. Horusly, the chemistry teacher, had apparently already started one of his famous lectures that put even the most attentive student to sleep.

Dan looked over to Kyle. "Sorry, I zoned out."

The other boy nodded, his mind seeming to be elsewhere. Well, that was just fine. Dan needed to stop thinking so much about things that happened so far away. Neo York, ever since the founding of the city nearly two hundred years back, had always been home to a lot of criminal activity. Dan was... intrigued, really. After all, he could be a superhero with his-

"Mr. Zwolf, would you please tell the class what I just said?"

Dan, quick to make a remark, simply looked to the girl next to him, a blonde named Fiona, and winked. "Well, to be honest, Fiona has a pencil and it was just way more interesting, so..."

Dr. Horusly grew red in the face. "Off to the principal. NOW!"

Dan shrugged. Kyle, who was watching all the events, seemed to find it funny. "Try to make him angrier," Dan whispered as he got his stuff, "He may just pop."

With that, Dan was out of chemistry again and on his way home. Truth be told, it was a relief. He didn't really feel like talking to Principal Jane again. She was annoyed with his frequent visits, so she needed a break. It was only fair, after all. Dan would use this time to train. 

Once he reached the edge of the parking lot, after exiting the dreadful school, Dan reached toward the far side and felt around with his obsession. It was an odd thing to do, but now came naturally. At first, there was the usual euphoria that came with his lust for blades, then the Sense. Most Obsessionists that had a physical Obsession, such as Dan's blades, could feel for any of that Obsession in the area. Aside from his hidden knife in the grass in which he searched, no other blade was near him. Pity.

The pocket knife came flying from it's hidden place and slowed only to land in Dan's palm. "Good boy," Dan said, then pocketed the blade. Sam had the car today, so Dan would have to wait until after school, or walk home and piss off his brother. What to do, what to do?

"No use in trying to walk off campus, Mr. Zwulf."

Dan froze. Mr. Hindinburg was standing with a smug look. Oh dear, this was bad.

"Mr. Numbers, I was just taking a stroll, you see?" Dan quickly wove his excuses one after another. The school was hot, he got confused about what he was doing, etc. Mr. Hindinburg wasn't buying it. He simply altered Dan's voice until there was no sound. Darn.

"Mr. Zwulf, you know if you were planning on skipping, that is an automatic expulsion, correct?"

Dan tried to say something, but his voice was still muted by the teachers annoying Obsession. He simply shook his head up and down. Little else he could do.

Mr. Hindinburg nodded, "So get back to class, alright?" Then, with an evil smile, he added: "Or should I show you how hard it is to walk with 56.872 times your own body weight?"

Dan quickly hurried inside. At least he had his knife. He could at least feel at ease in detention today. With a blade, comfort was always found. Unless, of course, it was a crappy plastic one like Sam had tried to get him to-

Dan froze as the air in front of him... Well, it was hard to describe. It looked as if the space was being looked through water. "What in the..."

Dan was thrown to the ground by a figure - Mr. Hindinburg, actually - as a large creature appeared through the ripple in the air. What in the world.... Was that a Sabertooth?! Large teeth came from the jaws of the great beast. It roared loudly, making Mr. Hindinburg back away. If it hadn't been for his fascination with what was going on, Dan would have backed away too. But those teeth.... He wanted them.

Pulling his knife, Dan prepared to attack. Sure, he was scared half to death. Sure, he probably didn't have a snowball's chance in hades. And sure, he might even die. But, that tooth was a blade of sorts. Dan wanted it. So, he would get it.

A blade in the hand and a cat just ahead. Dan calculated his next move as the sabertooth focused on Mr. Hindinburg's small frame. For some reason, the teacher didn't look scared. Instead, before Dan could do anything, Mr. Hindinburg simply walked up to the beast and punched it in the chest, his hand sinking into the fur.

Had he gone insane? Dan had to act quick or else it would chomp his head off. Sure, he didn't like the teacher, but he never wanted him to die! 

But, the sabertooth never attacked. Instead, it simply fell over in a heap, leaving Mr. Hindinburg standing with a red arm. Dan will never forget what he saw that day. It wasn't the sabertooth, that shouldn't have existed, it wasn't the anomaly even. No, it was the sight of his math teacher holding the bloody heart of a beast...

...And smiling.

The End

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