The rest of the day was basic and more boring than anything else for Dan. Instead of pulling him from class and placing him in detention then, they would take up his after-school time. He was to help Mr. Hindinburg with moving desks to their new rooms. Being a school in a small town, virtual classes were not yet available. Such a pity too. Then, Dan could be at home with his blades.... 

It wasn't that he cut himself like some kids did. That was just stupid. No, it was his obsession. The beauty of a finely crafted blade, be it of a sword or ax or anything else, was simply addictive to Dan's eyes. He felt sad leaving them at home everyday, but luckily he could keep one with him at all times.

"Mr. Zwulf, I hope you aren't planning on bailing again?"

Dan jumped, realizing he was in detention with Mr. Hindinburg and a few other kids. Since when had he been there? Maybe the day was so boring, Dan had forgotten it or just never payed attention. Yeah, wouldn't be the first time. "Don't worry, Mr. Numbers, I won't leave like last time," Dan answered, piddling with his pencil. "Plus, I'll get kicked out if I do again..." he added in a whisper.

Mr. Hindinburg heard, as usual. Damn Obsession. Having the ability to alter numerical values, Mr. Hindinburg was always the detention teacher. After all, it was bad for kids if the teacher could amplify their whispers to hear anything bad or unwanted. It ad already gotten Dan into more trouble than worthwhile.

"Today, you will be finishing up your usual assignments," Mr. Hindinburg said in his usually excited slur as he handed out tablets with the usual mass of work from each student's teachers, "as well as writing a full page on why you were sent to detention. I expect no less that five hundred words."

We all groaned. It was up from last weeks three hundred. Dan turned on his tablet with a swipe of his finger, but stopped when a strange smell entered the room. It was faint at first, but grew until it covered the entire room. Dear God, it was awful! In an instant, just as fast as it came, it left. Mr. Hindinburg looked angry as well and was staring at a dark haired kid with tan skin. Dan knew this kid, though not personally. He knew of all the kids with Obsessions in school. From James Francis with his Obsession with drawing to this kid; Kyle Blackwater and his Obsession with creating.

"Mr. Blackwater, please refrain from using your Obsession in class or there will be serious consequences."

Kyle nodded, but he still smiled slightly. Sneaky. Dan would have to watch him.

Detention ended like usual; Time flowing slower than imaginable and when it finally ended, Dan doubted the sun was real. Dan headed to his car. Being 17 meant he could have one. On the way he saw Kyle once more. The kid was walking down the side of the road. OK, the youngest kid in school with an Obsession was 16 and he was the only one who was 16. This Kyle should either have a car or at least a ride. Why was he walking. 

Dan ran over to him, despite his desire to avoid attention in a one-on-one scenario. "Hey, Kyle, you need a ride?"

Kyle looked back, and Dan immediately noticed his eyes. The color of rust and very stern. Dan didn't know why, but this kid just got a whole lot more interesting. His eyes softened and he seemed to realize what Dan was asking. 

"Sure, why not," he answered, "Beats walking I suppose."

Dan nodded and the two went to his car. Not the greatest of cars, but it easily beat nothing. It started right up, sucking in air and using the moisture in that air to power the engine. Dan put it in drive and headed for the parking lot exit.

"Where do you live?"

"Cherrywood Road," he answered, then went to staring at the dashboard of Dan's car. "How does this work, exactly?"

Dan laughed. "You don't know?"

"Well, I never had the opportunity to figure it out."

Dan went through the basics. How the engine sucked air from the car's surrounding and used the elements in the air to power itself. Mainly water vapor was used, but it could run off dry air as well, just not as efficiently. Dan was never the mechanical kind of guy, but his car had to be fixed and so he learned out of necessity.


"Yeah, did you hear about the bombing?"

Kyle shook his head. 

"Well, supposedly there was a bombing up in the north around Neo York. The ones responsible claim to be trying to bring out Gabriel." Dan didn't really care, he just didn't want to make the tension any more powerful than it already was.

"This is my house," Kyle said. Dan stopped, realizing he had zoned out again. "Thanks for the ride."

Dan nodded. "Thanks for making Mr. Hindinburg mad. Made my day."

Dan then headed off to his house. Sam would be pissed already from the detention, but if he were any more late, Dan's brother might take away his car. He had bought it, so it was in his power. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen. How else would Dan get a chick without a car? Sure, being the class clown already lowered his chances, but having no car? That was just a guarantee. 

Dan drove home, feeling strangely relaxed. Maybe it was having someone to actually talk to that didn't see him as just the class clown. Who knew?

The End

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