Kyle Blackwater

Left alone in a nearly-empty study hall with a teacher that had exactly zero interest in me - in other words, just where I liked to be - I sat hunched over in the back of the classroom with my head down on the desk, concealing the concentration on my face. Teachers, and most other adults, generally hated it when I started using my Obsession. I couldn't figure out why; to me, it was better than a video game. I'd just find a lonely corner, have a seat, and set to work on something amazing. One time, I actually built a working Intellisphere from a custom-built schematic in my head.

I then proceeded to command the 'sphere to create a mathematical proof wherein one hundred million times one hundred trillion times one hundred quadrillion...TIMES one hundred quintillion... equalled zero. Eventually, the processor exploded. All in good fun.

Now, I was creating something even more amusing....IF I could pull it off. This would be good.

Just as the bell rang to signal the transition to the following period, I lifted my head from the desk, doing my best to look as if I had been sleeping before being disturbed, waited just a second, and then made a face which expressed pure disgust.

"What's that smell?" I asked, covering my nose.

The teacher looked around, then slapped his hand over his face and shook his head in irritation."I don't know," he said, "but you'd better knock it off. Last I checked you'd just about fulfilled your quota of detentions for the semester mister Blackwater."

Clever guy, even though you wouldn't expect it. I wouldn't have expected him to catch on that quick. Oh well, time to drop the charade. I dropped my hands and forced the overpowering stench I had created to disspate - or at least, diffuse as much as possible. It was pretty hard to ignore, even after being watered down.

As I exited the classroom, the teacher grunted what sounded like a farewell, and I responded, "See you later!" in a mock cheerful tone. I could usually fake a happy exterior, no matter how much I just wanted to crawl away and be a creature of the darkness. Sometimes, when socializing with friends, I would act like some kind of fantasy goblin just to amuse them and myself, creeping about with my hands pressed to my chest and muttering about the "surface dwelling upworld cretin." That was usually good for a laugh or two.

I spotted a friend of mine, Milla, and was about to go and say hello to her when I was intercepted by my favorite person ever - not. "Mister Blackwater, come with me to my office immediately." Typically, the school principal didn't raise his voice or emphasize his words even slightly. He just stated, deadpan, that I was to follow him. That was one positive point - always straightforward.

"Sure Mr, Watt can I do for you?" I asked, making fun of his last name by using that in place of the word "what."

Another one of my classic acts, albeit one I'd never used to his face until now. He simply frowned, cleared his throat, and said, "I think you know what you need to answer for. We all do." With that, we entered his office and he straightened his black tie, wiping a spot of dust off the pant leg of his suit before sitting and declining to offer me a chair. So I was to remain standing for this scolding, then. Brilliant.

When Mr. Watts was quite finished, I was sent on my way to my next class with orders to report to detention after school.

The End

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