Dan is a normal kid. He just... kinda doesn't feel like one. He has had an Obsession, a power that allows one to bend the laws of physics, since he got his first knife from his dad, and due to that and his poor grades, he is treated like trash. Here is his story. (And maybe other's stories. Possible collab.)

"In this world, once called Earth, and in this galaxy, once called the Milky Way, there is no longer anything binding imagination. That is, there is no laws of physics. They were injured by a man mad with desire. 

"If doctors and medicine fail me, then I shall take action unto myself!" He shouted to the heavens. This man, Professor Heminsorthy, who was a descendant of the legendary Albert Einstein of two thousand years back, was in grief. His grief had led him astray from the path of a true scientist. Instead, he believes that science itself, and thus, creation, is a failure. 

This is why the bomb was constructed.

The man hastily finished his new weapon, obviously eager to rid the world of it's existence. After all, what good was a world that forbade his love to live? He believed it to be cruel and deserving of death.

The bomb was carried to the center of the city. The poor delusional man set it up and claimed it to be an invention of great and noble purpose. He said it was a weather controller. His colleagues were amazed that such a thing was possible. They quickly followed the man and helped him any way they could. Foolishly, they followed his directions and set up the weapon. 

Truly these humans were innocent, yet acting out of their desires. It was saddening, really. Could such a truly good man fall from a single loss? He was about to show he could really fall that far.

"All right, now I need you to stand back." The man seem to be nearing his edge. One more push and he might hit that breaking point and fall into the domain of insanity. 

There was a flash of brilliant light, enough to make the three cover there eyes. This light grew in power and spread. From the great city of Neo York, it expanded and eclipsed the Earth in light. This was the beginning. You see, it was not the world that Professor Heminsorthy had destroyed, but the laws which ruled this world.

In a flash, time melded and technology ceased to work. With physics no longer holding, electricity, gas, even the laws of gravity stopped working as they should. This was called the Law Crash, as it had rendered all natural laws useless. 

It lasted for nearly two hundred years. In this time animals and plants alike died from rampant diseases that had come into being from ages past. With time compressed, the humans died more to predators, such as dinosaurs and great serpents of the sea, than to disease. 

That is, until one day. A man known as Gabriel, after the angel from the ancient scripts, came to realize the power unlocked by the Law Crash. He had something that would be later known as an Obsession. With his deep emotions, he used his obsession of order to influence the world around him and set things right. 

Time was strewn into it's correct position, the ancient diseases and animals sent back to their own time as well, and the world once again regained much of the physical laws. The only problem was that it bound this man unto eternal servitude to the planet. 

Some say he still roams, looking to right the wrongs of the grieving Professor Heminsorthy. Others claim he died, entrusting his task to another. Only one thing is for sure and that is that without Gabriel, there would be no world as we know it today."

Dan finished reading his report and waited for his teacher, Mrs. Argo, to approve. Being notorious for skipping school and using his Obsession in class, it would be hard for her to take his perfect report on the Law Crash nearly four hundred years back. Hmmm. Did it even really happen. Dan sometimes doubted it.

"Mr. Zwolf," Mrs Argo said slowly, standing and pushing her red curls behind her head. Oh, what Dan would give to be five years older and her type. "That was a fantastic report worthy of an A."

"YES!" Dan cheered, causing his classmates to roll their eyes or just look away, "Thank you Mrs. Argo, you have made my grade become passing once more!"

Mrs Argo simply stared until he finished. "Well, the only thing is... I already got an A for this report... When I wrote it five years ago." The class started to chuckle, especially George and Henry, who thrived on Dan's misfortune. Bastards. 

Well, hello detention and maybe some after school detention as well. 

The End

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