Mia is a single women not really looking for love but looking for fun but what's happen when fun gets to far??

"Tiffany! if you don't get your a*s_ out her im gonna leave you!"
"hold on" i put on a extra thick layer of lipstick  and smiled
"how do i look"
"Wow you look...Sexy!" my best friend Natasha  smiled
We hope in the car i turned the radio up
Don’t get too thirsty, get used to this cheddar I wanna tell the world about you just so they can get jealous And if you see ‘er ‘fore I do tell ‘er I wish that I’ve met ‘er Turn on the lights I’m lookin’ for her too I heard she keep her promises, and never turn on you I heard she ain’t gon’ cheat and she gon never make no move I heard she be there anytime you need her, she’ll come through Turn on the lights I’m lookin’ for her I’m lookin’ for her I’m lookin’ for her
Me and Natasha sang off-tune,We made to the club we could see the light flashing every where in there i smiled
"time to go bumping and grinding" Natasha smiled we walked out we made it to the line but surprisingly the line went by fast "How yall ladies doing" i smiled
"good and you" i said flirty this is an all lesbian club  she winked at me was i walked in the club was riotous  music booming lights flashing i smiled looking around
"there's my girls" Natasha run over to the twins  there those big booty twins they both have a thing for Natasha.I flipped my hair sipping my Tequila
"wow you look great" i looked up
"hey Brianna "  she's the waiter
"how you doing tonight??"
"Alright" i smiled her eyes went to my breast i blushed.
"Tiffany! come dance with me!" Natasha yelled i smiled getting up she dragged me to the dance floor "Met me friend Trey" i smiled at the  the girl she had  a chocolate complexion and pretty black hair she smiled i smiled back.

The End

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