Seeds of DesireMature

Typical. Once again it was 4am, as sleep and his bed had eluded him. Insomnia was really beginning to take its toll as Sebastian peered out his window into the dark abyss. The gothic architecture of the apartment building appropriately framed his pale figure in the window, the bags under his eyes offset by the several days worth of black eyeliner. 

It was the slight light from the building across the way that gleamed off his many lip rings that caught her eye and made her look up at him. She smiled slightly as she realized he was looking down upon her, and that he could clearly see down her shirt. Sebastian considered going down to talk to her, but before he could make his mind up, she was gone.

Standing on the street below his window was an oddity in itself, as Sebastian was a recluse with very few friends. But, as he looked down the misty street after his mystery girl, he couldn't help but feel they had shared a brief connection in those few seconds where their eyes met. He had to have her, at any cost.

As he looked down to where she was standing, Sebastian realized there was an envelope laying on the sidewalk.

"Amanda Wexler, 1169 West Lansdowne St." he read aloud to himself.


The End

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