He had been spying on the neighbours for quite some time now. He didn’t know why it had started or quite when really. But soon after the couple next door moved in, he thought.

First of all he just passed and nodded as he got in his car on his way to work in the morning, no other niceties. They didn’t look anything out of the ordinary, just another normal plain looking couple.

The guy, who he later found out to be named Will, rugby type build, one of the boys. He could tell, he knew his kind, loud, witty and easy on the eye. He didn’t take much notice of the wife, the first time he saw her as she had her hair wrapped up in a scarf and was wearing a huge oversized sweater, that looked as if it had seen better days, as they emptied the van, bringing their belongings into the house.

But the second time he saw her, he was standing in his bedroom peering behind the curtain as he had heard the cars arrive and leave after some sort of dinner party next door. A house warming of some sort, he thought.

She was beautiful, dark thick smooth, perfectly straight hair, skin milky white, she had a almost oriental look about her. He did a double take when he saw her. Almost catching his breath.

 She was laughing and hugging her guests goodbye, her face lit up the whole time. She had a red shirt on with dark blue jeans, slim and fitting showing off a good figure. Not to skinny and not too fat, he thought to himself.

‘Bye Liz’ her guests had shouted as they were waved off in their cars.

‘Liz’ He smiled. Rolling her name over and over in his head as he moved into sight in the window and he caught her eye in the briefly. she smiled and waved her hand at him as he blushed, ducking quickly behind the curtain out of sight.

He had thought about her all night after that, and the following day. He came to know their routine as he quietly watched and made his own mental notes of the captivating beauty who lived next door.

Will was a suit, work in the city, commuted every day the two hour drive, out of the door by seven every morning and back just after six.

She on the other hand he wasn’t sure of, what she did that is. Some days she left the house in a tracksuit and trainers, and jogged off down the road, and other days in casual comforts of slacks and sweater. But always leaving the house by eight a.m. Sometimes she didn’t return home till after nine, bringing home with a pizza box or a take away bag. But never without a holdall.

Some kind of trainer maybe, she certainly looked like a woman who looked after herself, even in her tracksuit she had a look about her that made her stand out.

One way or another he was going to make it his business to get to know the couple next door, or at least get to know her, Liz.

Worm his way into their lives and cause chaos and mayhem, break up their happy little home, be her best friend and saviour who she will turn to in her time of need. He could feel his obsession with her brewing, building each morning he woke up. Fuelled even more so each time he saw her.


The End

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