Obsessed, Maybe.

A girl who thinks she could be obsessed with a guy she doesnt really know - well she knows him very well. He just doesnt know her.

Jet black hair, enchanting blue eyes, bone structure that any man would envy and a soft smile that would melt any heart. That's what people saw when they seen Jared Gray. But me, I saw so much more.

His black hair would slightly bounce when he walked,and when it passed in front of his face he would push it back with three fingers. Fingers I longed to hold, to touch. He got his hair cut at 'Cut 'n' Smile' precisely three minutes of a walk from his house. He didn't pay much attention to his hair, sweeping it away with his fingers. He got up in the morning and spent less then a minute flicking it around until he wasn't bothered anymore.

His blue eyes that were like an ocean blue, he got from his mother. His father had blue eyes too but they weren't as vibrant or radiant as his mothers, his too. He covered his blue eyes in sunglasses most of the time, to my disappointment. I wondered why anyone would cover their eyes when they were so beautiful.

His bone structure was flawless, smooth, clean. His cheekbones were perfectly balanced on both sides. They made his face come together perfectly, making him even more beautiful , if that was possible.

His smile would light up my day. Even the smile he gave to an old lady his mother was friends with. His teeth were superb. They were excellently arranged in his two rows. He never needed braces. He was always splendid. His lips were so appealing. My desire to kiss them burned. Just a quick kiss and I could die happy. In moments of confusion or nervousness he bit his bottom lip. It wasn't an awkward biting of the lip, but one that strangely seduced me.

This man was beautiful without effort, Jared Evan Gray was beautiful.

The End

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