Observations about the Weather

- If you're thinking about moving to Canada in January - don't, unless you're currently living at the South Pole.

- Piles of autumn leaves tend to have sticks in them - don't throw them unless you intend to put an eye out.

- Storms in any season are to be avoided on a long trip in a convertible.

- Watching skating from a car is a whole lot warmer than watching from the riverbank.

- Walking in a Winter wonderland is only romantic when you're dating - after you're married, it's just cold.

- Fishing in the Spring is only fun if you don't fall in.

- Thinking warm thoughts when it's 16 degrees Fahrenheit, doesn't help much.

- Summer can't get here fast enough.

- Scraping car windows is not a spectator sport - come and help!

- Not all Canadians love Winter.

- I'd rather be in Barbados right now.

-  Always buy boots with room for two pairs of socks.

- Fashionable designer boots are only good for indoor weather - pointed toes and high heels aren't a great idea on icy streets.





The End

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