This is just a short piece I wrote on Deviant art.

Anna re-read the final email for the hundredth time. No matter how many times she forgot to check for their messages she always came back. Anna already knew she liked this person... But she knew she was probably just some child to them... A young person, wasting time on the computer rather than going out and making friends.

But friends aren't as good in real life. They jugde you by your imperfect skin, your sometimes messy hair, your lopsided smile. They don't understand the real you.

Only when you can't see a person, do you truly understand who they really are inside. Your favourite song or book. The games you like, the ones you don't. They don't just know the small details. They see who you are, probably better than you do.

Of course there are dangers online. Meeting a 40 year old man, getting his fill of sick kicks from cyber relationships. Pretending to be someone he's not. But in the end, he only wants to fill the empty space in his heart. Pretending that someone his age really cares about him, other than his family. He only want to find true love... Or at least a true heart.

Ahh, but there's a question. What is truth? How can you tell a person is lying when you can't meet them? That's where emotions come in.

Somehow Anna knew that all her friends online were either completely true or incredibly fake. She knew that at least one out of 10 or 20 was a liar. A cold blooded beast waiting in the shadows for the innocent prey, pouncing every chance they get to satisfy their desires for companionship and escape.

But this one friend was more true to her than any of her real friends in life. This was the person she was searching for. The one who didn't make up fancy stories to attract others. This friend was the purest of whites among the greys. Not the shadow, or the monster, but the one person that would never tell her that she was wrong, or stupid, or ugly. The person that would remember her for who she was rather than what she did, or looked like.

This friend would always be her truest friend, despite their differences in locations.

Then again. This friend would be the one she couldn't talk to. The one she wouldn't message but secretly observe as they go on and do good things in their life. She would always remember their conversations, the times they helped each other out of depressing or unhappy situations as if they were both working in two different helplines. Chatting their way out of sad times and focusing on better things ahead.

Anna sat at her desk... Wondering if that person knew she was thinking about them.

(hope you liked it :D)

The End

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