Moon's outlook on life

As I walk through life, I've made a few interesting observations. Granted they may only be interesting to me and my hubby, but that has never stopped me before.

- I'd rather drive than walk, rather ride than drive, rather fly than ride in a car, and rather sleep than anything - this doesn't make me lazy, it makes me a senior citizen.

- Don't lick the cat - just because.

- Don't try to get anything out of a pekingese puppy's mouth for any reason -you're liable to lose a couple of fingers.

- Don't squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle with a vice like grip, with the cap on - don't ask.

- Inline skates don't work the same way ice skates do. You may be great on ice, but be painfully unprepared for pavement - especially when it meets you butt first.

- Moonlight is beautiful in the autumn on the river.

- Peas and Brussels sprouts are inedible - anyone who says they're good for you are lying.

- Getting old may really suck sometimes, but it's better than the alternative - dieing young.

- Ankle licking by puppies is not fun.

- All the years spent not writing were wasted, from a writer's point of view.

- Situation comedies should have actual plots -sexual innuendo and bathroom humour are not particularly funny.

- Form fitting sweaters should be a thing of the distant past for overwight seniors.

- Arthritis can make the middle finger of a hand stiffen up when someone else is being obnoxious.

- Time flies a whole lot faster when reading, than when vacuuming.

- Bedtime is a favourite time of day.

- Silent letters should be banned from the English language - why on God's green Earth, is there an l in calf, or an h in ghost?

The End

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