Let us not forget the Stove!

Adjacent to the fridge stands the stove.  Let us not forget its importance, for without it, those in the fridge who consider themselves to be a cut above the rest, would wilt and wither and waste their  'sweetness on the desert air' unless subjected to the timely interventions of the stove.
Let us be frank - the stove, although not a modern invention like the fridge, can, however, boast antecedents which can be traced back to the caveman.  The stove, too, has its hierarchy.  Reigning supreme are the switches; these are the regulators of all that is to follow. Then there are the plates - unfortunately these (although situated on the stove top) are the plebs of the stove, catering as they do to boozy fry-ups and other such low-class eats as baked-beans-on-toast and fried eggs sunny-side-up, not to forget that meal so beloved of the great unwashed, bubble-and-squeak.  

The absolute jewel in the stove's crown is the oven, for it is here that miracles take place. Into the jaws of this cavernous space are placed, in a tin, and in no particular order, eggs, milk, flour, sugar and butter and 30 minutes later (if you are lucky and have read the recipe correctly) - Hey Presto! there is a rounded mountain of culinary delight, just waiting to be enjoyed when suitably cooled.

Such is the stove!





The End

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