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Nathan POV

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed. Katie and Jason were late... like... beyond late. Like half an hour freaking late... we were on course to miss the first bit of the film if we didn’t get in there soon.

“Sorry!” I heard his voice first and my head whipped around so fast that I’m sure I heard at least two of my bones crack, I reached a hand up to rub the back of my neck and I heard her voice, making my movements slow and my hands slack.

“I know you’re sorry because that’s a bloody given, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re a dick, does it?” Her voice made me relax, the soft laughter and the sweet tone of it made me smile. Mandie smirked at me from the corner of her eye and I blushed, looking away.

                I crossed my hands across my chest as we all turned and looked in the direction they came from, she appeared around the corner first, dragging Jason by the arm and looking the picture of loveliness. She waved at us and my heart raced, I crouched down and picked up the bag that felt as though it had been resting at my feet for the past two or three years, not the better part of an hour.

“And where have you two been all day?”” Mandie’s voice blurted out the suggestive question before we could even think, “I mean, you, Katie are a hilarious drunk and Jesus do you know how to dance... in the middle of the train station... at midnight...” Katie widened her eyes at Mandie and shook her head, glancing quickly at me as she looked down at the floor and went bright red. “What?! It was hysterical... Oh.” She glanced at me with a semi-apologetic smile, “Right, well, let’s get on with this, shall we?”

“Okay, sure, why not...” She looked over at Jason and he smiled at her, throwing his arm over her shoulder like he owned her, a move that pissed me the hell off. “Jason, take my card and go get the tickets, will you?” She fished in her bag for a second and handed him the card from her purse, grinning as she watched him walk away, the other two girls in tow, desperate to get tickets and seats.

“Sorry about her.” She looked over at Mandie, her eyes dark and a little embarrassed. “A-and about the whole... last night thing...They sprung it on me yesterday morning, and I had no chance, hell, I went in jeans and a shirt...” She trailed off and looked at me hopefully, her eyes wide. “I would have invited y-”

“Katie, I’m underage anyway, like I’d be able to get into any of those clubs...” I brushed it off with a smile that I knew wouldn’t quite meet my eyes and she laughed lightly, “What?”

“A girl pulls down her top, she could get you in,” She pulled at the jumper she was wearing, laughed and put her arms around me, hugging me tight and squeezing me as her fingers dug into my shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” I shrugged, “Give it... a year, and I’ll be coming with you.” She smiled at me and her fingers loosened on my jacket and slid down my arm. “I’m blatantly coming to Fresher’s Week with you.”

“Very funny, you underaged-alcoholic.” She hit me on the arm lightly and I smirked.

“Well, maybe you don’t want this, then?” I held up the bag I’d been carrying and she gasped and shook her head.

“You weren’t supposed to get me anything!” She murmured, “Nobody was supposed to get me anything.”

“It’s not much,” I laughed and held out the bag to her.

                I hadn’t got much to offer her, but this was the best thing I could think of, the best thing I could both afford and make for her... and I seriously hoped she liked it.

“Trust me,” She looked up at me, her hand taking the bag as she ran her fingers down my arm again, “I didn’t expect anything, so this is incredible.” I looked at her, wanting to judge the thoughts that would run through her head by the expression that would cross her face in seconds.

                She pulled the notebook from the bag and her face was so shocked that I think she nearly dropped it. She opened and closed her mouth a couple of times then looked across at me and made a weak noise somewhere between a thank you and the noise a rabbit makes just before it gets hit by a car.

“Thank you.” She whispered, “...So much.”

“It’s nothing... everyone should have one,” I smiled at her and she laughed, “Seriously. You don’t use one nearly enough, and you damn well should,” She laughed again and put her arms around me, squeezing me tight. “You look ridiculously pretty when you’re stunned.”

“Gosh, you cad!” she laughed again and touched my hand as she pulled away, squeezing it and grinning like a major lunatic. “Thank you, Nathan, I promise I’ll write a novel in it.” She winked and I felt that silly connection that I had felt on Wednesday and Thursday and every day I spent with her. She laughed at my inaction and I ran a hand through my hair.

“Come on, I need to go to the loo before we go in, and...” She paused, “Well, we need to find them for our tickets, don’t we?” she giggled and I rolled my eyes, motioning for her to lead the way.

                We met up with the others and the tickets were passed out, though as Katie turned left to go to the loos, I suddenly felt the desire to turn back from our group and wait for her to come back and be ready. As it was, I caught the tail end of a conversation I don’t think I wanted to hear.

“She bites when she’s horny and drunk, you know,” Mandie was muttering as she leaned into Emily’s ear, but spoke loud enough for us all to hear, “I mean, just goes for it like a bloody dog and won’t let go.”

“That’s not true!” I heard Jason yelp, then look away, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “She’s not a hickey-ey girl...” He let his eyes unfocus a little and zoned out for a second, “Though she bites like a fucking bitch.” Mandie gasped as he spoke, and he glanced down at her, “Not that she bit me, or anything...” He trailed off and I laughed. She wouldn’t be that drunk and horny.

“Not nice to bitch about people!” I heard Emily say in a sing-song voice, and I laughed because although it was true, I kind of thought that the biting-when-drunk thing was maybealittlebitdefinitely cool... and wondered a little whether she’d consider proving the fact to me.

                As we stepped into the theatre, I was nearly blown back by the sheer volume of people packed into the seats. Emily made a noise and pressed herself closer to me, the crowd obviously winding her up, and I cringed, wondering if any of us would be able to find seats together.

“Hey! Guys, there’re some here!” Mandie’s voice was loud over the hubbub of people across the cinema, and I cringed as the shrill pitch made a couple of people glance over at us. We quickly followed her, trying to find the five seats she’d spotted, but were met with only four.

“Mand?” Jason said as he caught up behind me, “There’re only four seats there, mate.” She looked back and quickly counted us.


“Katie?” He said with a half grin, “Bloody ditz you are. And you want to do mechanics at uni!” He shook his head, “There’re two there,” He pointed at the pair of seats on the end of the row in front of us and shrugged, “I’ll take one, Kate can sit with you guys.” He half smiled and rolled his eyes as he stretched out his back, “Might be able to get some sleep that way.” We all laughed and he crossed back to the next row and took a seat in the end chairs, looking back at us and laughing as he saw me squished in between the two girls, my face twisted into a complete grimace.

                Ten minutes later and Katie still hadn’t shown. The seat beside Jason still stood empty, as did the one beside Mandie, and the lights were practically about to go down. There was a long silence as the speaking slowed down, and I heard the vibration of a mobile in the quiet, before a light illuminated Jase’s face in the darkness and he looked down toward the doors. I followed his gaze and found myself staring at a pale, frightened and slightly confused looking Katie Rosstow, who was glancing around at the packed theatre and looking for us in the semi-darkness. There was a short moment where I considered waving down at her, but Jason got in first with a short whistle, she turned and spotted him, running a hand through her hair as she got to his row, stopping and pulling a face as she looked at him.

“Where’re the others?”

“They’re in the row behind, they kept a seat for you, but there weren’t enough-”

“But there’s a seat there,” She hissed, pointing next to him, “And I don’t want to disturb anyone.” I shot a glance down at those on the end of the row. They didn’t want to be disturbed either. She crouched down closer to him and whispered something else into his ear; he nodded and got up, shifting into the second seat along so she could sit down on the end of the row.

                I couldn’t help but watch the exchange with utter confusion as well as a little irritation. I was sandwiched between two girls who were obviously not bothered as to whether she existed or not, because the main actor on the screen had his shirt off and his shorts slung low, and it was her birthday. I groaned and sunk as far into my seat as possible as I settled down for the movie, keeping my head down and jolting violently when my pocket started vibrating with an unknown number.

Katie isn’t feelin 2 gd. Gna sit with me for a quik Xit if she needs 1 ~ Jase.

                I sighed and replied with an okay, before looking down the row and seeing her leaning into him with his arm around her shoulders, rubbing her back a little bit. He whispered something and she giggled, and then looked back at the screen, laughing lightly along with the rest of the crowd.

                Fuck. I hated not being the one to make her smile.



                We managed to clamber out of the cinema without a lot of fuss, Katie looking paler than she had done inside as we got out into the moonlight and she huddled up against Jason and I. We each put an arm around her, half jostling for the arm-space around her waist. She laughed and put an arm around each of us, with her hand touching my side and drawing silly shapes with her fingers. I was happy for a second, but when I realised she was probably doing the same for Jason, I felt irritation and jealousy scramble into my chest.

“Let’s get you back to Mand’s, you look dead on your feet,” Jason murmured as she nodded and squished herself into my side. He led us back to his car – we’d all come by bus or train so we could get a lift back to Mandie’s with him.

“Okay.” She hmm’d as she leaned into me again, and I was suddenly struck by her dependency when she wasn’t feeling well. I never saw this side of her usually, she appeared, at least to me, to be strong enough to do whatever she wanted when she was well, and that... well, she didn’t need anyone to help her out. “Can I call shotgun, I don’t want to throw up on your gearstick.”

“Oi-Oi!” Jason laughed and she put her head in her hands, obviously tired and feeling a little sick. “Come on... I’ll even lend you a T-shirt if you throw up, alright?” He teased quietly.

“I’ll hold you to that,” she murmured, leaning forward toward him, dragging me closer and pointing at the one he was wearing, underneath his over shirt, “I want that one. The one you’re wearing.” She laughed and he rolled his eyes, ruffling her hair.

“What the lady wants...” He paused and pulled her out of my arms and kissing the top of her head, “The lady gets. Scout’s honour.” He laughed and pulled the door open for her, helping her settle in and get her seatbelt on before, sliding into the driver’s seat and buckling up as I climbed into the middle and Mandie and Emily set themselves either side of me, effectively trapping me and making me think this was all a plot to keep me as far away from Katie as possible.

                Jason was a damn good driver, as far as I was concerned. He pulled out onto the main streets and was about ten minutes into the drive back to Mandie’s when all hell broke loose. Katie looked at Jason; going to open her mouth and say something, then threw her hand across her mouth and the other out in front of her hitting it on the dashboard with a loud thunk.

“What is it?” He looked at her and she looked up at him, pale faced and looking faint.

“Gonna-gonn-” She clapped her hands across her mouth and shook her head violently.

“I think she’s gonna be sick!” I heard the words coming out of my mouth before I could stop them, and Jason swung into epic action, slamming on the brakes and nearly skidding back across the tarmac to pull over as fast as he could as she threw herself out of the door and collapsed onto her knees by the side of the car. I could hear her retching as Emily gasped and Mandie looked over at Jason. He was sitting there, white as porcelain, probably more worried about the car than the girl who was sitting at the side of the road.

“Can’t you do something?” She said, in probably the least helpful tone I could imagine.

“I...” He looked at me, then back at her, shaking his head and practically coming alive, “Course.”

                He jumped out of the car and rounded it, picking her up from the ground and brushing her off. Emily looked at me, then at Mandie, in an obvious panic, but I could only shrug as Mandie refused to move out of the car and risk... oh, I don’t know, helping her friend? It was only a little puke.

“It’s alright, Kate, hun.” I could hear his voice and was furious when I heard her sniff and tell him she thought she was pathetic. “No, you’re not, come on... I’m taking you home.”

“No! You can’t!” Her voice was a little muffled, and I guessed she had her face pressed into her hands – if she had thrown up on herself; Jason wouldn’t want her pressed against him.

“I can, and bloody well am,” He was suddenly stern, and I could imagine him holding her shoulders lightly and making him face her. They were standing at the back of the car now, and the seatbelt I was wearing made sure I couldn’t turn around. I sighed and resigned myself to imagining it. “Listen, you need to change your top, you’re covered...” He trailed off and I figured he was gesturing lightly, trying to say it without words.

“Oh! I am such a pain!” She practically wailed, and I heard him laugh.

“No, you’re a pain when you whine.” He laughed again and I heard the rustle of fabric, “Christ, it’s cold.”

“Turn around, let me put this on.” She laughed and I heard him growl something too low for me to hear. “Shut up!” She would be bright pink by the time she got in the car. “Shall I throw this away?” Her face appeared at one side of the car, leaning gingerly into the front seat.

“No, I’m sure we’ve got a bag we can use?” He said it to the car-at-large as he leaned in and sat down in the front seat.

“Sure...” Emily passed over the bag from the back seat, and Katie stuffed the shirt in it, never once making a noise about the smell, but groaning about how she was sorry, and ruining the night.

“You’re not!” Jason and I jumped to her defence, and he rubbed her back where I couldn’t reach. “I’ll drop these guys off to Mand’s and then... I’ll take you home, and make you something to eat... or get you to bed or... whatever,” He was muttering by the time he got to the last part, looking at the road and rubbing his neck as he adjusted the collar of the over shirt he was wearing as a top. The top two buttons were hanging open, and I glanced up at the rear-view mirror as he did the same. Our eyes met and he caught me glancing down at the black-and-blue bruise on his collarbone, flushing red as he switched his gaze back to the road.

                She bit him.

                Mandie’s words from earlier curled around my brain and hummed in my ears as I watched the pair of them sitting in the front of the car.

She bites when she’s horny and drunk, you know, She bites when she’s horny and drunk, you know, She bites when she’s horny and drunk, you know...

I made a noise and Katie slid her hand back to touch my knee. My body relaxed at the kind and gentle gesture, but as she ran her hand up my thigh a little, squeezing a bit, I tensed back up again.

Bites... horny... drunk...

Mandie’s words came back to haunt me, and I barely registered when Jason dropped the three of us off at her house, leaving me with an uncomfortable problem, and the cause and probable prevention of that problem still sitting in the car.

With Jason. I was so screwed.

The End

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