a brief descriptive piece that will hopefully keep you wondering till the end.

                Worry wrote itself into every line of his old, wrinkled face, filling his clear eyes with a glassy fog as his hand gripped tighter. Cradled in his lap was a young woman, blonde hair tangled in his worn fingers; her green eyes gazed at him, longingly, life fading from them with every second, lips moving without a sound. He stared at her trying to make sense of the words she attempted to form, only managing loud exhales, shallower with every breath. His hand gripped harder. A new warmth spread along his long fingers, as her hand brushed his, her breasts heaving against his body as he remembered how he fell in love… the touch of her skin against his, bathed under the light of a setting sun, his fingers gently grazing every curve of her body, her emerald eyes locking with his as he pressed his rough lips to her soft plump ones… she was beautiful… She still is... her hands grappled for him as he drifted from a memory; pulling his face to hers she mouthed those words again, failing to make a sound. The sticky warmth continued flowing further along his arm, making it impossible to ignore, he slowly lowered his gazed until… he saw it… his hand crimson with the fluid of her, firmly gripping the sinister handle of his blade. Anguish flooded his existence, tearing at his heart; what had he done? He locked his tormented eyes to her placid ones, as a sound escaped her dying lips… “I forgive you.” Life departing in a single breath… 

The End

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