Object of my affection

He was like any other day seating in front of his computer at work in his office trying to put the final touches to the latest game on warfare.By office I mean the basement of his house and by saying like any other day I mean exactly that.

His age was between late twenties and early thirties but the fact was  we no longer could see an expression in order to pass judgment on account of the three day beard now showing,which in itself stated that  he lived alone in this household.

For no woman would put out for the smell coming out of his clothes!!

But in there in the middle of his face was his best feature,his eyes.They where a striking shade of blue.Quite the ice breaker in any conversation if you could pass the fact he always spoke in computer terms,our man was a geek.

But still attractive to the other gender...

A bark was heard on the top of the stairs and that made him look away from the green screen.

"What ?" And he actually waited as if the poor dog could answer!

You could almost hear the eyes rolling in the black head of his labrador.

"Come on man,it is time for me to take a leak,and this time it will be outside!"

And for good measure he barked again."Woof.Woof."

He saved everything he had been working so far and slowly got up from his chair.A bone here and there cracked."Ouch!"

More barking was heard."I am coming.Give me a minute here.I am not 19 anymore."

He saw him first staying there at the top of the stair with his leach by his side with an attitude problem if he ever saw one in any dog.

"What ?I am here ain`t I ?" And he grabbed the leach that was more for him than the dog and they both left in the early hours of the day.

The light was barely showing in the sky which told him that he had stayed yet again another night in front of his computer.

He didn`t now what was the feeling of actually falling asleep in a bed,any bed even his anymore.

This new game he was working for his company had a few glitches he had yet to tune and frankly it wasn`t like he had anyone waiting for him there !

He open his mouth to call the dog to his side away from the car tires when he saw this figure walking a few feet away from them.

Someone out early walking the dog he tought,but where was their dog ?

The End

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