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It's a story about a beautiful dreamy world, people said this is heaven, everything is just so wonderful. But behind that perfect mask, there're a lot of people suffering. The government and nobles only think for themselves, poor people are trash in their eyes. Poor people stand up and fight for the right, but then all of them were killed without mercy. It's a perfect world, but also a terrible, unbearable hell. People keep losing their hope day by day. Even when the sun always shine...

...people here can't see the light anymore. Even when the birds still sing, but people's ears can only hear the painful screams all around them. But in a small village, a girl still has faith, hope, dreams, and also, a mysterious past. She kept chasing after the blurry memories but she just can't remember. So she gave up. "I have a peaceful life here"-She thought even when she knows this is a fake peace and unstable, it can be destroyed some day. But she kept lying to herself, until 1 day, everything suddenly changed, and all she can do is find her past, find her old self which lost a long, long time ago.

"... stay away..."

"... I won't ..."

"... why ...?"

"... because ..."

Everything was blurred again, covered in thick gray clouds, stopped her from seeing any further.

-Rellina, wake up, dear.

She heard a voice, a soft and small voice, break through all the clouds. It came from the outside.

-Rellina, the sun has risen. Wake up!

A hand touched her, shake her shoulders in order to disturb her dream.

-Rellina, we still have work to do, dear.

-Just a few minutes, grandma.

-No. I am busy and I have a huge list of things need to be done. Leave your bed and help me.


-I said "no".

Rellina - as her grandmother called slowly opened her eyes. Her grandmother was standing next to her bed with an unpleasant face and her arms on her hips. She is a very kind old woman, but when her grand daughter is lazy, she won't take it kindly. Rellina knows her grandmother well enough to understand that. Grandma had been taking care of her since she was little, too little to remember things happened at that time. At first, Rellina thought it was normal but when she grew older, she asked grandmother where her mother is.

"Grandma, why can't I see my mom? All my friends have their mothers, but why don't I?"

"Of course you can't see her. She's somewhere in the sky, somewhere between those beautiful stars above..."

"Really? Mom is having a wonderful life, isn't she?"

"I guess so."

"I wish someday I can fly. Then I'll be able to see mom."

"Your wish can be granted if you are a good grandchild, always listening to her grandmother, study, work and do good things."

"I will, grandma! I'll try my best!"

At  that time, Rellina was too small. That's why her grandmother wasn't able to tell her the truth. As the time passes, she's 16 now. She's still a "little girl" in her grandmother's eyes. Rellina herself also admited that she's still young and doesn't know many things. But she's old enough to understand that her mother died.

-Rellina, remember what you promised me in the past?

-Yes, yes, I do. Be a good child, always listening to you, study, work and do good things. But I don't wish to fly anymore, and I know I won't be able to meet mom again. Never.

-Sweetie, I hope you're not sad about your mother.

-Of course I don't, grandma. I can't even remember her face.

-She had long wavy brown hair, blue eyes like deep sea, soft lips like rose petals and soft white skin... She was a beautiful woman.

-You must be proud of your daughter.

Grandmother stopped and looked at Rellina for a while then spoke.

-She looked like you.

-... She looked like me? - Rellina repeated.

-That's why I'm proud of you, my grand daughter, too.

-Grandma, I wouldn't call myself "beautiful".

-You are. You are young and really beautiful, like a blooming flower.

-Well, you're not here to give me compliments, aren't you? - Rellina cut her grandmother's lines before she can start praising her over and over again. She always says that she's proud of Rellina and she's glad to have a grand daughter like her and so much more.

-Oh right! I almost forgot! I need to attend a meeting for the elders in the village. Look after the house and do things on the list I wrote. It's on the table. Don't skip breakfast. You have to eat before working.

-Yes, yes. I know.

-Don't act like you know everything.

-At least I know how to take care of myself. Don't worry, grandma!

-Ok, I shall leave now.  I'll be late if I stay here any longer.

-I hope the meeting will go well.

-Thank you, dear.

-Goodbye, grandma.

Her grandmother just smiled. She left Rellina's room right after that. Rellina let out a sigh. A new day started in this cruel world.

The End

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