So magic does exist

The veil between reality and the other world humans call 'fiction' is as thin as a single thread. One just might be able to see through this veil. Every person who can see through this, or even managed to catch a glimpse of it has something that humans think doesn't exist; Magic.

A large amount of people have magic that flow through their veins and they do not know it or they just simply refuse to admit that magic even exists. The persons who realize that magic exists and refuses to acknowledge it closes the door of magic forever. The ones who actually embrace the world of magic often use it for their own desires.

In order to keep their magic, these people around the world compete in a tournament for something even their own magic cannot supply them; a wish. Not just any wish, a wish that defy every law in this or any other world.

"Tiny towns burning, larger ones collapsing at the feet of the mountains. The air is filled with smoke, the earth drinks the blood of the innocent and eat away at the flesh of the wicked. Their screams pierce the air, sister. The air...the air is hot, it burns my skin sister. Please, it hurts, make it stop," young Nyla whispered into the ear of her elder sister Emily. Just earlier today, Nyla was just a regular girl, playing with the local kids by the river. This suddenly took a turn for the worse when the sky turned dark gray, although there were no clouds in the sky. The skies grew darker and more ominous, and by noon, it was difficult to tell if it was day or night. Emily's heart sank as the winds began to pick up speed, the children began to scatter. None of the children knew where she was at that moment, they all swore that 'she was right behind them'. Emily remembered sprinting through the crowd, as rain began to fall, pelting her face with hard cold droplets. Rain or not, she was going to make it to the riverside, where she knew little Nyla would be. She was a good girl, and good girls stay where they were lost, hugging a tree. The tree branches tore away at her flesh, and the sharp jagged rocks tore away at her feet, taking bits of her as a prize. Still, she pressed on. Why didn't anyone bother to hold Nyla's hand while they were running away? Why didn't anyone stay with her? She slowed down as she entered to the clearing of the riverside, the water from the river was rising fast. She needed to find Nyla immediately. This river has claimed more people in a month than in the entire history of the village's existence. Observe, Emily, and don't forget to breathe, she reminded herself. This was no time to panic. Only idiots and victims in horror movies panic. And when they panic, what happens? People die. This wasn't a movie, there was no breaks, no coming back. This was it, and Nyla wasn't coming back if she didn't find her soon. She drew a breath, and calmed her frantic heart. How could she hear Nyla if her own heart was making it's own music in her ears? "Nyla? Nyla? Where are you?" She called out over the wind. Her body was shivering from the drop in body temperature, Nyla's little body would probably be in shock at this time. She looked left, right, left again. There! There's her little gray baseball hat! With all her might, Emily willed herself to move forward, even if it wasn't fast enough to beat a car moving at 20mph. Just as she thought, little Emily had her arms and legs wrapped tightly around a simple tree. Girl scouts had finally taught the girl something that saved her life. When they survived this, she might just send them a fruit basket.

By the looks of it, Nyla was shivering, but she kept her grip on the tree. The wind threatened to rip her from the tree, and the tree itself wished to rid itself of this little brat. "Emmy. Please Emmy, save me. It's cold, I'm hungry, I don't know if I can hold on any longer." 

"Let go, Ny. I'm  here to save you," Emily crouched  to meet her face. Mother would kill her if she saw Nyla right now; wet, shivering, and muddied. She drew a deep breath and took Nyla in her arms, cradling her. Her breathing was slightly labored, and her body was shivering madly. Hypothermia. Emily's inner self whispered. I must get her out of here, the river is overflowing, she thought to herself, no time to make it to the valley. What to do? What would mom do if she was still alive? Think, Emmy, think. An image of a cave flashed through her skull, then another image of an oxbow lake. "Not too far from here Ny, I'll keep you safe." With the strength that she can muster, she carried little Nyla through the woods. So what if the trees got in her way? So what if the rocks tore at her feet, making every step feel like stepping on glass that were laid on top of burning coal. Her steps were swift and steady, navigating through the forest based on memory. It was a cave they used to play in when their mother used to be alive, the cave was always illuminated with crystals, but it stopped since the massive flooding two years ago, leaving many robbed of loved ones. The cave was coming up slowly, but it was progress, coming into view.

"Emmy, it's so hot. The houses...they're burning. It's so hot," Nyla whispered to Emily, letting out a soft whisper. Her body was heating up, and her chocolate skin was blistering as she spoke. Emily crouched inside the cave, holding her to her chest, watching her sister helplessly. Why did her parents entrusted her with such a large task? She was only fifteen, she could barely feed the child! It's a little too late for Nyla to be wished into another family. Too late for her to be stronger. It's just...too late.

The End

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