Peter The Pumpkin Eater

Peter peter pumpkin Eater

                                Had a wife and couldn't keep her!

                                  He put her in a pumpkin shell,

                                 And there he kept her very well!

Until one day when acting ill

She worried Peter by falling still

He chomped her pumpkin prison to ribbons,

Squirrel cheeked where orange veggie meat leaked

He peered at his wife set sturdy in place, 

Soggy pumpkin chunks drizzled and plopped on her face.

Blurry eyed, gourd gorging, cried Peter the pumpkin feeder, 

Who did not see the cedar stick until he had a bleeder.

His wife turned on his dazed frame before she ran off,

Booting Peter's nuts up his throat and out his mouth with a cough.





The End

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