Star Light Star Bright

Star Light Star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

Star light way too bright
To hide what I do tonight
I hope I may I hope I might
Not get caught tonight

I'm at the house I want to rob
It belongs to a local snob
He wouldn't give me a job
So I'll fix him - the slob

I pried open a basement window
And dealt my knee a painful blow
As I fell over a day-glo bureau
Full of  magazine  and video porno

I couldn't find too much to take
That I could carry or wouldn't break,
No art or jewellery that wasn't fake
So I went in the freezer and I took a steak

I took it home and had a good meal
With everything in his fridge with appeal
The owner thinks of himself as genteel
But he had nothing I wanted to steal

The words to Starlight Star Bright are believed to be of 19Th century American Origin.  It  alludes to the idea that you can wish upon a star. It often helps to get a child to bed at the first sign of starlight. If you're a thief though, starlight doesn't help.


The End

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