Nunti, still frozen to the ground watches as a massive golden dragon walks up behind her breathes down on her. The dragon has two golden horns on its head, gold spikes run all the way down its back, it has gold teeth and green sparkling eyes.

“What are you?” it growls in a deep voice.

“I  - I  - I’m.. I’m an angel.. I am.. I am Nunti” Nunti stutters.


“Yes... the – the – the angel of – of bad news” the dragon looks ahead, and then looks all around, then back down at Nunti.

“I am Mirraglas, keeper of the entrance. What have you come here for?”

“I’ve come.... for Baltidor”

“What reason?”

“I’ve been sent with a message”

“I will take you to him”

“Okay” Mirraglas picks Nunti up and puts her onto his back. The dragon kicks off into the air, turns around and flies as fast as it can. Nunti panics, she throws her arms around the spike in front of her holding on for dear life and throws her own wings out just in case.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Nunti yells back. Mirraglas takes up high in the air and flies into the distance, and Nunti holds onto the dragon. 

The End

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