The End

I'm sorry to disappoint you all. You all probably thought I was going to find out who it was,the murderer got arrested and I lived happily ever after like in the fairy tales. But unfortunately it's not like that.

The truth is whilst I was out cold my parents were looking for me,and when they eventually found me out cold with the police,the 'creature' must of  knew  what was coming and ran away. So there was no trace and by the time I woke up I was back in my house,in my bed,back to square one with no evidence.

I tried to sneak back into number 7 to see what was left,anything I could bring back as evidence,but with the police circulating the house 24/7  I decided it was best not too as I was already in enough trouble  with my parents because journeying alone in the early hours of the morning (although I thought it was still night) after there had been a murder on the very street we lived on was hardly going to go a miss was it? So yes you could call me a coward but others might say I am wise to not tread in the dangerous path. But I have to admit it was quite fun (but scary.)

And as I was getting to become a teenager I thought my younger self stupid and idiotic to 'imagine' such things. But as I look back through all my years,I knew there was someone there in Number 7 but when people ask me to prove it,I can't unless other people can take a look into  my memories. I should of filmed what I had seen. But as I was only a child,I didn't stop and think about the future. Nevertheless,I was still a smart child.Did well at school in most lessons apart from English and Art but apart from that I had a average brain. 

But anyway we are not here to talk about school and my brain,we are here to end this tale,a very dark tale about a girl who just wanted to have a normal life,but look where that got her? But even so this tale has never going to really end,you will carry it onto your childrens  and your children.Maybe even have some adventures similar to this one. But listen to my word of warning. Never underestimate any force or being you do not know off,even if you do be sure to be careful.

 So thankyou for reading,what a pleaure it's been telling my story of The Creature In Number 7.


The End

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