Destroying and Re-building

Mum kissed me goodnight at 10:06pm and tucked me into my bed.About half an hour later I heard Mum and Dad come upstairs and go to bed. I got up slowly and quietly,got dressed into what I was wearing today and took a torch and some pork from the fridge.I went outside.It was extremely windy.I carried on up the road,into the darkness but with my torch I could see a little clearer. All was still at at Number 7 until a beam of light came from the upstairs window  and  shot out onto the street.It was gone in a flash .Then a small cackle from the "VOICE".I tread carefully up the path and I noticed the window left open.I climbed in,cautious not to make a soun.

I could not see a thing even with my torch,it was loosing power.I tried to find the stairs and climbed up them one by one.I turned to the left but tripped over and hit my heard.I was out cold for ages. But there was someone with me,someone I'd seen  before.

The End

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